Advantages of On-Board Courier Services

Advantages of On-Board Courier Services

For urgent shipping needs, our on-board courier service provides a quick, dependable, and convenient alternative. By avoiding standard handling procedures, the Rhenus service ensures the quickest possible transit and customs clearing timeframes. Furthermore, for your complete peace of mind, the courier sends you updates at each step of the route.

Benefits of the Rhenus on-board courier service

  • The most secure and reliable service for time-critical or valuable shipments around the world
  • A team of experienced Rhenus logistics experts on hand to personally transport goods to their destination
  • Full compliance with all customs regulations
  • High-security compounds to protect your assets

Visibility and Security for Your Shipments

Customers of Rhenus Malaysia benefit from the most advanced IT systems available, which allow them to follow their items throughout the whole delivery process. Rhenus Malaysia makes the end-to-end process for the most valuable or urgent shipments of items as easy as possible by providing excellent customer service and having personnel available 24 hours a day.

The hand carry service's personal approach provides peace of mind and comforting updates from start to finish.


Why choose Hand Carry?

  • Fastest delivery time and customs clearance.
  • On-board carrier (OBC) ensures personal care along the transportation.
  • Reduces handling involved and potential risks
  • 24/7 service at all locations
  • Status updates at every milestone to keep you informed.
  • Simply, we offer a fast, efficient and convenient solution for your urgent shipments.

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