You can see the charging process of a big airplane You can see the charging process of a big airplane

Air Freight Charter Services

Dedicated airplanes are organized by full and split charter services to deliver huge volumes of goods or oversized cargo. This option gives the shipper some flexibility in terms of departure schedules while still ensuring speedy and safe air cargo shipping.

Why a Charter Service Is a Good Choice

Why a Charter Service Is a Good Choice

A charter service may be the most practical option if your air cargo demands strict security, large capacity, or great flexibility. Rhenus Malaysia offers you the option of a split or full charter service, tailored to your specific requirements.

Options for Your Charter Service

A full charter service allows you to use an airplane for your cargo in its whole. Because space isn't shared with others, departure hours are likely to be more flexible if this option is picked.

Customers share the aircraft's cargo capacity through a split service, which is effective when your freight volumes do not fill the plane to capacity but the cargo is in high demand at the destination.

Benefits of choosing charter services of Rhenus

  • Rhenus Malaysia offers transparent and competitive pricing options and will negotiate the best aircraft charter deals available to suit your needs
  • Quality service with decades of experience as experts in aircraft chartering
  • Regular updates to keep customers in the loop at every stage of the journey
  • Never compromising on security or safety to protect the goods being transported
  • Robust customs declaration policies

Quality you can count on

Rhenus has been at the forefront of air freight shipping for decades and is regarded as a quality label for the shipment of time-sensitive items. We can offer personalised shipping solutions to suit the demands of customers looking for the best charter services available thanks to our global network and years of experience.

We make the end-to-end process as seamless as possible by providing excellent customer service and having personnel available 24 hours a day.


Ensuring punctual deliveries

We understand that in every air freight shipment, time is of the importance. Whether it's ordinary air freight or the shipment of peculiar commodities like perishables, we've got you covered. Rhenus Malaysia provides the most cost-effective charter services available.

The customs clearance process following transportation can be as quick as possible with a professional team of customs clearance specialists.


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