Project logistics planning and management services

Rhenus offers full project management and consulting services for your projects, areas, and cargo as part of integrated solutions. We design, organize, and monitor international projects from start to finish, utilizing our specialized team of experienced specialists located all over the world.

No project is too big or small to handle

No project is too big or small to handle

Our project logistics specialists have years of expertise in handling large and heavy freight as well as international projects. The committed and agile project teams within Rhenus Malaysia will adapt to your ever-changing project conditions. We provide individualized services to our customers in order to optimize project planning and execution.

Our advisory and planning services

In-depth communication is required for project logistics implementation, but nothing will work correctly without long-term planning. When it comes to creating effective logistical chains, both are dependent on one another.

We meet with you early in the process to discuss all facets of any current transportation difficulty. Members of the project logistics team will be pleased to meet with you at your place of business to discuss the tasks that must be completed. We'll go over the benefits and drawbacks of several solutions with you.

In order to create efficient project plans, numerous factors must be considered from the first to the last mile. This all-encompassing approach to transportation may extend beyond the initial stages of operation. Even before the creation of huge and heavy goods, it is sometimes important to consider logistics difficulties. It is frequently possible to change them to make transport procedures easier while maintaining the unit's functionality. Our consulting services might help you save money on logistics.

A single source of contact

We can fulfil the special planning requirements for individual customers' project logistics chains by utilizing the extensive Rhenus network of business centres. We have more freedom because of our tight collaboration with several partners outside Rhenus Malaysia. Meanwhile, as your single point of contact, we organize the entire project, handle all parties involved for you during all planning phases, and maintain overall control, no matter how complicated the project work may be.


Quality management

Nowadays, quality management is one of the industry's most important processes. Knowledge of the risks to be expected, as well as the development of procedures and strategies to minimize these risks to a minimum, are critical for building a safe and efficient mode of transportation. Processes that are approached from a global perspective and workflows that are constantly optimized ensure the greatest level of quality in operation.


Over 30 years of experience

We have tight contacts with international shipping firms and can offer you competitive shipping prices for scheduled services to match your particular requirements thanks to our many years of experience – and because Rhenus Malaysia moves vast volumes of goods by ocean, air, and land. Smaller businesses and shipping organizations with customized transportation for extraordinarily heavy goods are also part of our network. As a result, we are able to combine great quality with reasonable rates.


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