Project Management

Rhenus Malaysia provides you with a one-stop solution from your initial request through a proposal to coordination and execution. Our experienced logistics experts will advise you based on your needs and requirement according to your industry.

Our solution for your cargo needs

Our solution for your cargo needs

Rhenus Project Manager has all the needed knowledge under his belt for any unique assignment with special needs, especially when it involves a series of tricky, complex tasks that had to be mastered beforehand. We have consulting and feasibility studies from in-depth analysis of projects with our years of experience. Our highly specialized team of transport engineers provides project engineering from budgeting to planning phase to implementation.

The Rhenus Malaysia project manager finds out which types of goods need to be transported before coming up with the best, most cost-effective route and checking out potential transportation risks. To do that, the project manager contacts local partners, whose quotes are pooled and coordinated. One major challenge are consignments, which originate from different countries and require different carriers, including ships and heavy cargo vehicles. The carriage of these consignments has to be arranged, the transhipment and transfer points determined and all the schedules and deadlines coordinated. All of this requires precision planning and for the project manager to be on the ground in the country. The project manager's job also includes driving along the route to pinpoint tough stretches and construction sites alongside managing customs formalities. 


Our service offerings:

  • The project manager decides what modes of transport to use

  • Checks costs, routes and risks

  • Requests quotes from partners

  • Takes care of transfer and scheduling

  • Handles customs formalities

  • Manages final handover

  • Assumes full project responsibility

One contact for all queries

With Rhenus, you receive an assigned contact partner for all your shipments so you don’t have to worry about whom to be in touch with. This also allows us to know and understand your business and offer consistent and effective solutions.


Focusing on key tasks

The more we understand your business, the better service we are able to provide. This allows you to focus on more critical aspects of your project, improving productivity and the quality of the service rendered to your client.


Reduce risks of delay

As a part of our comprehensive and proactive planning, we analyse and recommend transport solutions based on your project deadline and budget, thereby mitigating risks of delays.


Any questions?

Your personal sales or dedicated operational key contact will assist you with all necessities for your transport.

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