Inland waterway transport at Rhenus

A huge number of markets are connected via waterways. As a result, inland waterway vessels are a cost-effective and environmental way of transportation. Rhenus delivers a wide range of cargo with around 1,000 ship units and capabilities of up to 10,000 tonnes per unit.

Rhenus: The go-to inland waterway expert

Rhenus: The go-to inland waterway expert

We transport up to 30 million tonnes of bulk items from all key goods groups, bulk general cargo, such as steel products, and containers, as well as installations, every year. We have a large network of branches along the major canals and hubs at our disposal to do this.


Our services for different types of goods

Whether powdery, granular or lumpy mixture

By carrying a diverse range of starting materials and raw materials, Rhenus and its inland waterway vessels support various areas. Agricultural products, building materials, aggregates, energy sources, ores, and other items fall into this category.

Bigger, heavier, farther

For our customers, we handle the transportation of a wide range of general cargo. We transport steel industry materials, massive and heavy building parts, and all broken bulk freight, for example.

Certified feed transport

In recent years, GMP+ (good manufacturing practice) certification has established itself as a prominent norm for agricultural product transportation. Our inland waterway fleet has all of the required certifications to prove that it is a trustworthy logistics partner for the agricultural business across national borders.

Professional transport of various types of waste

Transporting garbage necessitates adherence to a slew of legal restrictions. The Rhenus fleet of inland waterway vessels includes ships that meet all requirements, allowing us to transport garbage and other hazardous materials on your behalf. Waste wood, glass, contaminated soil, and industrial slag are among the elements included in various volumes.

Service provider for inland waterway transport

Eight of the company's own bilge oil boats are used to collect oil and greasy ship operating waste from inland waterway vessels, such as empty oil containers or oily cleaning rags. Their primary responsibility is to collect bilge oil and dispose of it properly. While still on the river, our ships can treat the bilge water. The segregated waste oil is collected in our own systems and treated before being sent back into the economic cycle.

We also deliver marine diesel, lubricants, drinking water, and other essential items to freight and passenger shipping.

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Worldwide network

We are able to incorporate our specified fleet of ships as a trustworthy component in all supply chains because to our worldwide network and customer-centric approach. At the same time, our local branches are very familiar with the unique characteristics of each market and are always able to respond to customer-specific needs.


Years of experience

For years, inland waterway transportation has been a crucial component of the Rhenus. You can benefit from our knowledge in meeting your demands due to the high proportion of our own proprietary shipping space and the levels of trust that have evolved over the course of our work with long-standing partners.


Just in time is everything

We understand the value of timeliness in today's transportation and integrated transportation networks. Inland waterway transportation offers the most flexibility in terms of scheduling. Our staff on board and ashore are totally committed to the highest levels of cargo safety and punctuality, guaranteeing that your needs are met.