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Container equipment: Our intermodal service

We transfer cargo between Asian countries using our own containers. We also trade containers and provide containers on a one-way leasing basis.

Intermodal Container Equipment

Our containers – Your advantage

We can provide you with the necessary equipment to transport your cargo safely and securely via water (short sea and deep sea), rail, or intermodal solutions. We have our own containers at several strategic locations around Asia. We also acquire and sell new and old containers, transport them to important locations (as needed), and supply one-way leasing containers.

Container trading

We provide containers and specialised equipment

We buy and sell new and used containers for storage, temporary leasing, and one-way transportation to nearly any location on the planet. We maintain continual inventories of mostly conventional types of containers (20'DC, 40'DC, 40'HC) in strategic locations throughout Asia. On request, specialized equipment can be sourced. This means we'll be ready to provide you with the equipment you need when and when you need it.

One-way lease

Container Cabotage

Our containers are available for one-way lease or cabotage movement. This is usually done between places where demand and supply are out of balance. A period of free time is provided to finish the movement, followed by a reasonable rental price. Depending on your chosen or requested pick-up or drop-off location, an extra cost may apply.

One Way Lease

Container Equipment

Discover the ultimate guide to all things container equipment in our comprehensive brochure! Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or just starting to explore the world of logistics and shipping, this brochure is your key to a wealth of knowledge on container types, specifications and innovation.

Tried and true benefits

  • Own equipment, including 20'DC, 40'DC, 40'HC, 40'PWHC, 45'PWHC, 20'OT, 40'OT, 20'FR, 40'FR
  • Own containers available at various strategic locations
  • Extensive network of depot facilities
  • Broad knowledge and solid experience in one-way movements
  • Ability to offer the right equipment depending on route, transport mode, cargo specifics and local regulations
  • Possibility to create stocks (for projects)
  • Competitive conditions for demurrage / detention
  • Competitive slot agreements on feeder services

Excellence in performance

  • Cooperation with preferred and verified subcontractors
  • Containers are delivered with valid CSC plate certification
  • Containers are checked to ensure safe transportation by sea, rail or truck
  • Possibility to arrange quick release of container equipment

Reliable schedules and delivery times

Rhenus has a large network of depot facilities in Asia, including all of the major ports and other critical areas. We can ensure on-time delivery to any place this way.


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