Professional container stuffing and stripping

Cargo and items prepared for shipping on pallets, in crates, or in large bags can be transported in larger containers. Rhenus Malaysia manages the loading and unloading of containers at the port, as well as the shipping of your product.

Rhenus: Your stuffing & stripping partner

Rhenus: Your stuffing & stripping partner

Many national and international transportation chains pass through Rhenus Malaysia port facilities. Our seasoned skilled crew will secure your cargo to the greatest standards at our ports. Several Rhenus locations additionally offer weather-protected container loading and unloading at hall gates or ramps.

The perfect link for all modalities

  • We ensure that your cargo and commodities are transported safely and efficiently by container. Rhenus Malaysia's many years of experience and expertise are truly invaluable here.

Certified quality and safety standards

  • Our skilled services include container loading and unloading in compliance with the strictest safety regulations. When it comes to safeguarding your cargo, skilled stowage is also a top concern for us.

Optimised routes and transport services

  • IT connection via EDI
  • Handling of goods by crane, forklift and reachstacker
  • Import and export clearance
  • Cross-transport organisation of pre- and on-carriage transport by truck, rail, inland waterway and ocean-going vessel

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