Agrarprodukte: Umschlag und Lagerung mit Rhenus Agrarprodukte: Umschlag und Lagerung mit Rhenus

Agricultural products: Handling and storage

Rhenus Malaysia provides agricultural commodity transshipment and storage services at its global port locations. Grain, oilseeds, animal feed, and fertilisers are stored in suitable halls or silos awaiting further shipment, with drying and treatment options available.

Needs-based storage

Needs-based storage

Rhenus Malaysia has adequate storage capacity for grain and other agricultural products. Our warehouses and silos constantly monitor temperature and humidity to ensure that your goods maintain their quality, even when stored for longer periods of time.

Storage technology for agricultural products

Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored at the Rhenus Malaysia's warehouse and silo facilities. We ensure the greatest quality storage with consistent levels of quality over long periods of time by using the most appropriate technology.


Certified for safety and quality

All important certifications and standards for the storage and transshipment of agricultural products are held by Rhenus Malaysia. This includes ISO 9001 and GMP+ certifications (Good Manufacturing Practice). Our attention is continually drawn to your needs and the nature of the goods.


On-time delivery to the final destinatination

We may provide pre- and on-carriage transport services in addition to expert storage and management of your agricultural products. Our port facilities are strategically located across Asia, ensuring that you always have access to the best connections for inland deliveries.


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