Professionelle Zollabfertigung mit Rhenus Professionelle Zollabfertigung mit Rhenus

Professional customs clearance with Rhenus

Imports of products into the EU from a non-EU or third nation must be disclosed to customs authorities, and import levies, such as customs duties and taxes, must be paid. Customs professionals ensure that all requirements associated with cross-border transportation are completed efficiently.

Your partner for prompt customs clearance

Your partner for prompt customs clearance

Rhenus Malaysia's customs professionals will manage all requirements for international transport chains, ensuring that your goods arrive on time and without issues. We can also manage import clearance, draft customs and export documentation, as well as transit documents, and arrange for the necessary guarantees if needed. Your items can be held duty-free in our bonded warehouses until they are finally imported.

Tariff numbers, customs rate and customs value

Each shipment of products is given a tariff number throughout the import process, which links it to a certain customs rate. The customs rate, along with the customs value (determined on the basis of the invoice price with additions or deductions), forms the foundation for the customs amount due.

The majority of customs clearance nowadays is done by an electronic declaration of the freight paperwork.


Holistic customs services

Rhenus customs experts will also assist you with any compliance issues. For example, we make certain that all anti-terrorism and trade prohibitions are followed.


Storage in our bonded warehouses

Your goods will be housed in our bonded warehouses duty-free, secure, theft-proof, and weather-protected till they proceed on their further transport route to their final destination, based on your exact demands. As an approved consignor, we can clear goods at authorized sites without having to be present, and we can even enlist the help of third parties.


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