Transport of bulk and dry bulk goods by truck

Rhenus Malaysia is responsible for not just bulk cargo transportation but also individual planning and supply chain mapping. Our own Rhenus fleet of cars includes specialized vehicles with telematics devices for easy tracking and tracing.

The Rhenus fleet: Specialised vehicles

The Rhenus fleet: Specialised vehicles

We are experts in recycling, as well as wood, agricultural products, peat, steel, pig iron, and sea containers. In both domestic and international traffic, we transport these items using walking floor, tarpaulin, tipper, silo, tank, sliding floor, roll-on / roll-off, and sea container vehicles.

Our transport options

Domestic and cross-border bulk transports

National transport

We can transfer large and bulky items across the country by truck. You will have direct access to dedicated contact persons due to our multiple sites within the Rhenus Group nationwide network.

We meet all legal standards for national transportation and have all required certificates and permissions on hand.

International transport

The international Rhenus transport services ensure that roadways, seaports, inland ports, and customers are connected reliably and robustly.

We can provide you with cross-border transport and logistics services with our fleet of trucks and large fleet of vehicles from subcontractors.

We arrange the smooth transportation of mass and bulk commodities by truck throughout Asia thanks to the relevant permits Rhenus has at its disposal. 

Whether you're dealing with little or huge volumes, Rhenus provides you with dependable, trustworthy, and skilled service at all times, both when collecting and delivering your items.

Special solutions for the waste disposal industry

We are a competent and dependable partner for our clients because of our unique knowledge in the sector of recyclables and garbage transportation.

We are available to the industrial and waste management sectors for transporting loose, pressed, and packaged materials in various types of vehicles as a certified waste management firm (EfB) in compliance with the closed substance cycle waste management Act (KrWG).

We can respond quickly and flexibly to your requests with the ever-growing fleet of our cars. We follow all hazardous and non-hazardous waste regulations accurately and safely.

Your partner for the transport and trade of wood and forest products

We transport any type of wood, whether it's sawmill by-products, recycled, energy, or industrial wood straight from the forest. For both our suppliers and customers, we serve as a dependable gateway between source and consumption. We are, after all, a one-stop shop for both trade and logistics. Our business partners can approach their particular contact person with any questions they may have, ranging from purchasing and transportation to sales and disposal. Always in the spotlight: Ensured supply reliability and long-term logistics.

Our products are divided into sawmill by-products and biomass.

Sawmill by-products:

  • Wood chips
  • Sawdust
  • Bark
  • Lumber


  • Landscape conservation material
  • Forest wood chips
  • Surplus materials
  • Waste timber class A1 to A4

Any questions?

Our experts are always there for you. If you wish, we will also call you back – keeping things conventient and straightforward.

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Rhenus worldwide: A network that connects

Our customers' demands are essential to us, so we collaborate to develop logistical solutions that go beyond truck travel. We are aided in this endeavor by Rhenus global network, which provides direct, local contacts for our customers.


Quality standards we truly master with "passion"

  • High quality standards – guaranteed by our quality management system
  • Modern vehicle fleet with the latest state-of-the-art technical equipment
  • Intelligent business IT and an extensive vehicle fleet: As a result, our trained employees can adapt processes individually to specifically meet the needs of our customers and respond to new requirements

On-time delivery: the top priority for trucking

Our own vehicle fleet and established partners ensure that deliveries are well-planned and delivered on time.

Our primary goal is to fulfill our clients' requests and deliver your goods precisely when and where they are required.