Specialised transport solutions

We use our network of offices and agents to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for complicated global projects. For specialized transportation, we provide end-to-end supply chain management that adheres to budgets and timelines while anticipating and managing risks.

Designing transports from start to finish

Designing transports from start to finish

When developing project logistics chains, the usage of individual modes of transportation and the location of transshipment points are critical considerations. A delivery chain with fewer intermediary steps saves money and reduces the danger of damage. At the same time, multimodal transportation chains provide cost and carbon reduction benefits. Because the nature of the items involved, the transportation routes, and the origin and destinations all differ, specialized transportation initiatives always necessitate unique techniques.

Our services for specialised transports

Chartered and scheduled ocean freight services

Because of our extensive experience, we maintain excellent relationships with foreign shipping companies. Because Rhenus Malaysia carries such large amounts of goods by sea, we are able to negotiate favorable shipping prices with scheduled marine service providers and tailor them to your specific needs. Our network comprises not only the well-known large shipping companies, but also smaller shipping companies that specialize in transporting extremely heavy cargo. As a result, we are able to combine great quality with reasonable rates.

We also have a lot of experience in the field of marine freight chartering. You can book the entire hold of a vessel or only a portion of it. When it comes to preparing the right stowage for your big items, we don't leave you hanging either. Our technology section, which includes trained shipbuilding engineers, can give comprehensive advice and support.

Shipments with excess dimensions or weight

One of our main areas of expertise is shipping goods with unusual size or weight. We maintain complete control of the issue, beginning with the planning work for your shipment, continuing on to acquiring permissions from the road traffic authorities, and finally executing the project. This means you'll only have to deal with one person and will have complete transparency. When organizing consignments with unusual size or weight, we collaborate with certified partners to make the necessary equipment available. This gives you a significant advantage: we can be very flexible in picking the proper partner, as well as the types and combinations of vehicles, which helps us save money for our customers.

Ensuring safe transport of your goods

Moisture, heat, cold, or height: Depending on the transport route and even the time of year, goods in transit on board can be subjected to extreme stresses and strains. When freight is shifted from one means of transportation to another, it is subjected to harsh circumstances. Many objects must be packed to survive the weather and damage caused by probable vibrations, temperature fluctuations, or climatic changes. We can package your heavy-duty items in accordance with HPE packaging guidelines. This is especially true for large, bulky items that do not fit into standardized containers.

One contact for all queries

You will be designated a contact partner for all of your shipments with Rhenus Malaysia, so you won't have to worry about whom to contact. This also enables us to get to know and understand your company, allowing us to provide consistent and effective solutions.


Focusing on key tasks

The more we understand your company, the better we can deliver. This enables you to concentrate, improve the productivity and quality of service to your clients, more vital elements of your project.


Reduce risks of delay

In line with the time and budget of your project, we analyze and offer transport alternatives to mitigate the risks of delays in our comprehensive and proactive planning.


Any questions?

Your personal sales or dedicated operational key contact will assist you with all necessities for your transport.

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