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Transports that deliver the necessary components and materials are required for offshore projects such as the installation of platforms and offshore wind turbines. Beyond that, personnel, staff, and supplies for day-to-day operations must be transported to and from the coast.

Safe transport for crews and supplies

Safe transport for crews and supplies

Rhenus Malaysia specializes in offshore transportation services. From crew transfers by ship or helicopter to supply runs for workers on offshore rigs, everything is covered. We specialize in shared cargo runs, which aggregate shipments to many platforms in order to save money and conserve the environment.

Our services for offshore transports

When a current shift for workers operating on offshore platforms or wind farms finishes and the new team arrives to relieve them, crew changeover occur. Rhenus provides complete solutions and manages the personnel transition planning and execution. We design a solution, precisely suited to your needs and with a single point of contact, from the point of departure via the port or heliport to the platform.

We design an effective crew change process, arrange pre- and post-flight travel arrangements, check crew certificates, and conduct alcohol and drug checks to ensure the safety of the people involved and make the crew transfer as easy as possible, whether the staff needs to be transferred via helicopter or crew transfer vessel.

Materials and supplies for the crew must frequently reach the platforms during the construction period, as well as after a platform or wind farm has been established. Waste removal is required in exchange. Rhenus supplies your offshore platform or jack-up barge with regular shared or single supply runs. Our platform supply vessels are all equipped with a DP2 (dynamic positioning) technology and satisfy modern quality standards.

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Your benefits with Rhenus offshore transports

  • A single service provider for all services of the project
  • Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly supply of your project by using our “shared runs”
  • Fixed lump sum rate for supply runs
  • Turnkey solutions for your crew change

Guarantee of high quality standards

  • Platform supply vessels fitted with DP2 (dynamic positioning) system
  • Handling of the interface management
  • Crew change including certificate check and provision of certified PPE

On-time and regular service provision

  • Rhenus operates regular supply runs to platforms and jack-ups within the German Bight
  • We offer single and shared supply runs