Papier und Zellstoff: Hafen-Umschlag und -Lagerung Papier und Zellstoff: Hafen-Umschlag und -Lagerung

Pulp and paper: storage and transshipment in port

Pulp and paper products are extremely delicate. During shipping, transshipment, and storage, these products must be treated with care and kept dry. This is accomplished by utilising halls that extend out over the water past the end of the dock or roofed handling facilities at the ports.

Rhenus: Ihr Experte für Papiertransporte

Rhenus: The expert for paper transport

Cranes, forklifts, and Mafi trailers are used to load and unload paper rolls and pulp bales at Rhenus ports. The process of transshipment is carried out with the utmost care and consideration. We have halls that stretch up to the edge of the quay or over the port railroad track at many of our port locations so that loading and unloading can take place regardless of the weather.

Gentle handling of sensitive goods

Your goods are protected from the elements and handled with the utmost care at our ports, thanks to our significant industry experience. Rhenus Malaysia can look back on decades of experience as a reliable paper industry partner.


Quality assurance for successful transport

We make certain that your goods arrive at their final destination in the best possible condition. We have well-trained employees and specialized equipment that is tailored to the nature and requirements of the items to do this. All of our sites and services have received ISO 9001 certification. Rhenus Malaysia is an AEO, which allows customers to participate more readily in international goods trade.


Reliable transport to the final destination

We make sure that your goods reach their destination on time and safely, even after they have left our port terminal:

  • IT connection via EDI
  • Import and export clearance
  • Organisation of all pre- and on-carriages by truck and rail as well as inland waterway and ocean-going vessel

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