Stahl und Metalle: Umschlag und Lagerung im Hafen Stahl und Metalle: Umschlag und Lagerung im Hafen

Steel and metals: Handling and storage at the port

Rhenus Malaysia's port locations have a wide range of facilities for handling and storing steel and metal products of all kinds.

Die Rhenus-Expertise für Stahl- und Metal

Rhenus expertise for steel and metal

Rhenus is well-equipped to handle your steel and metal products competently and with great care, thanks to its over 100 years of experience. For your moisture-sensitive goods, we provide roofed storage in appropriate halls at a variety of locations.

Services for steel and metals

Coils, slabs, beams, tubes, bars, wire rod, and a variety of other steel and metal products are handled.

Various crane systems, coil lifting devices, and unique equipment are available at our port locations to provide flexible handling – tailored to the exact needs of each product.

For inbound goods inspection and product identification, we use cutting-edge scanner technology. As a result, any damage can be instantly recorded using digital pictures and electronically communicated to the consumer.

When the products leave the warehouse, they are likewise scanned and their condition is logged.

We can remove the coils' transport packing upon request before sending them to the addressee.

Coils can be transported and stored with their eyes to the sky or their faces to each other. To tilt the coils, several of our locations use unique mechanisms.

The term "eye to sky" refers to coils in a container that have a vertical winding axis, i.e. the winding axis points to the sky. The term "eye to face" refers to the location of the winding axis from the side.

On request and in accordance with existing rules, we reattach the straps for the safe transport of coils or bundles of beams or bars.

The expert for steel and metal handling

We safely and competently handle various sorts of steel and metals. This includes using specialized special equipment to gently handle materials. Moisture-sensitive items are carefully stored in appropriate hallways.


Safety and quality

When it comes to steel and metals, we put safety and quality first. All of our sites and services have received ISO 9001 certification. Rhenus is an AEO, which allows customers to participate more readily in international goods trade.


Just-in-time delivery with Rhenus

We can ensure quick import and export processing thanks to our EDI system. We organize all pre- and post-carriage transfers for you and enable just-in-time delivery of your goods to their final destination from our ports positioned at  Asia's most important hubs.


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