Hallenlagerung in den Rhenus-Häfen Hallenlagerung in den Rhenus-Häfen

Hall storage at Rhenus ports

Raw materials, production equipment, or items must be temporarily kept for a length of time in order to ensure reliable supply for production or sale. To satisfy this unique need, Rhenus Malaysia operates warehouses and covered storage areas at a number of port locations.

Secure storage for sensitive freight

Secure storage for sensitive freight

Hall storage systems are perfect for storing sensitive or extremely costly goods and dangerous materials in a secure and theft-proof manner. Aside from storage, Rhenus Malaysia provides a variety of value-added services, including repackaging, picking, packing, provision of customized equipment based on the needs and nature of the items, IT-supported handling, and web-based tailored data transfer.

Our services at Rhenus indoor hall storage facilities

Palletising, packing, picking, sorting

We provide a broad range of value-added services, including as picking, packing, and packaging, to best secure and carry your goods and cargo for dispatch. As a result, we are able to offer a unique set of services as well as fully automated electronic data interchange. When it comes to arriving and exiting commodities, Rhenus has always concentrated on obtaining the highest level of precision.

Climate control in our warehouses

In selected warehouses, we provide exact and continuous temperature and humidity monitoring. This enables us to provide appropriate storage conditions for your high-value and sensitive goods until they continue on their journey.

Flexible and safe movement of goods

Rhenus Malaysia uses overhead cranes with high load capabilities to transfer and place your items and cargo in storage facilities at a number of locations.

State-of-the-art safe storage technology

In our halls, we provide high-quality storage for a variety of items and raw materials. Furthermore, our ports have large outdoor storage facilities for bulk and ordinary cargo. The Rhenus network's port locations serve as points of interaction for all modalities. This allows us to provide integrated solutions that are specific to your industry and products.


Safe and high-quality storage

  • Certificates: ISO 9001, GMP+, AEO, federal immission control [BImSchG] authorisations for the transshipment, storage and treatment of powdery goods and waste
  • Supply of special equipment according to the requirements and nature of the goods
  • Superior industry knowledge in many sectors

Optimised routes and transport services

We use electronic data interchange to ensure on-time and complete delivery of your items at the desired location. We also arrange the essential pre- and on-carriage transportations for this purpose.


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