Process outsourcing: Our services

Rhenus serves as your partner for client management and administrative processing operations and services. Allow us to handle these tasks while you concentrate on your key talents. We help you save money, time, and resources.

Less work through outsourcing

Less work through outsourcing

Save time, money, and resources: business process outsourcing is all the rage these days, and for good reason: why do something yourself when it can be done better and cheaper elsewhere? Trust Rhenus and our many years of experience. We can manage complete business processes or only sections of them, depending on your requirements.

Customer care services

In the digital age, every organization faces a problem in achieving optimal consumer communication. With our services, we provide an appropriate solution:

We handle the whole administration of customer connections and are available to our clients' customers as a direct and personal contact – in both the B2B and B2C sectors – using our continuously developed communication skills. We communicate with customers across all industries and across all mediums, including, of course, social media. In order to optimize quality and quantity factors, professional reporting is essential.

We make contacts on your behalf with persons and businesses, recruit new clients for you, build successful business partnerships, and gather information that is critical to your success. Our professionals operate as if they were you, with a professional and solution-oriented approach. We enjoy both standardization and intricacy.

Our services:

  • Order acceptance
  • Contract management
  • Appointment scheduling and coordination
  • Contacting new customers
  • Development of existing customers
  • Termination prevention
  • Clearing
  • Customer recovery and reactivation
  • Lead consulting
  • Campaign support
  • Follow-up campaigns
  • Surveys and research
  • Receivables management
  • Competent product advice and product recommendations
  • Solution of commercial customer concerns at all levels
  • Customer expansion with cross-selling, up-selling and after-selling


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The mailroom: Mailroom services

The mailroom plays an important role in the company's overall operations. It determines the quality and speed of information flow both internally and externally. The mailroom accounts for millions of dollars in many companies' budgets. These are compelling reasons to evaluate structures and procedures in light of population shifts and technology advancements, as well as to devise alternative solutions.

Rhenus mailroom services are experts at handling and implementing mail. We provide mailroom management services to our customers as part of a comprehensive solution to save costs, increase service quality, and assure supply security.

All mailroom services are modular and can be hired separately or together. We can handle all mailroom services on the client's premises if requested.

If you like, we may also run your mailroom entirely as a reliable outsourcing partner. This could involve mailroom services or mailroom digitalization. Rhenus personnel can also work in your mailroom.

Benefits with Rhenus

  • Mailroom operations and postal logistics are our core competence
  • Reliability, innovation and performance of a leading logistics service provider
  • The very highest quality standards with DIN/ISO certification
  • Confidentiality, data security and reliability
  • Years of experience
  • Professional advice and individual solution concepts
  • Complete solution from a single source


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Minimise costs

Outsourcing procedures should always be accompanied with a cost reduction. The reason for this is that professionals possess specialized expertise. This helps you save both time and money. It is possible to deliver results more swiftly. The logical outcome is cost savings. Furthermore, for foreign experts, the corporation does not pay social security contributions. Another cost-cutting factor is mentioned.


Increase quality

Expertise entails know-how, specialized knowledge, and external innovation inspiration. Experts often have access to software and technology that isn't available within the company. The external service provider contributes important information to the organization based on years of experience in a specialized field and with past outsourcing initiatives. There is an improvement in quality.


Improve effectiveness

You can better arrange your own resources for your main business when you outsource business processes. This is accompanied by an increase in efficiency and production. As a result, your own employees can focus on their core strengths.


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