Rhenus port agency: Efficient clearance of loads

Rhenus Malaysia, in its function as a port agent, provides all services associated with the processing of incoming and outgoing ships through its own network of offices.

At work for you: Our port agents

At work for you: Our port agents

Rhenus Malaysia has agency activities at its own terminals as well as in ports all around Asia. Our port agents give excellent customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We assure effective clearance of your ships, whether they are carrying bulk products, liquid cargo, containers, or general cargo, by providing the required skills for a seamless port call. This includes support for the captain and crew, berth reservations, and pilot, tug, and mooring line orders.

Networked throughout Europe:Rhenus on site for you

  • Rhenus Malaysia acts as a port agency both at its own terminal locations and at other Asian ports. Its global network stretches across Asia.

Guaranteed quality: Experts at work for you

  • Our Rhenus personnel are very familiar with the various ports on site, and they have all of the required skills and specialist knowledge to guarantee that your ship's stop at the port goes successfully.

To the point: Effective ship clearance

  • Regardless matter the type of ship you're looking for: Our port agents ensure that your ships are approved swiftly, safely, and effectively, whether they are bulk carriers, tankers, container ships, or general cargo vessels. We are available to you at all times as your point of contact – take advantage of our 24-hour customer care. We'll be there whenever you need us, and we'll be there at the greatest level.

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