You can see a man standing between stacked containers and a plane in the sky. You can see a man standing between stacked containers and a plane in the sky.

Industry Solutions for your Supply Chain

Our industry-specific solutions are as uniform as possible and as individual as required. Find out more about the specific solutions we offer.

Rhenus integrated solutions

Rhenus integrated solutions

When it comes to logistics, one-size-fits-all solutions just do not work. Every industry has its own set of specifications. We can provide the ideal solution for whatever has to be moved along your supply chain in collaboration with you. Unlike stand-alone solutions, our integrated solutions are tailored towards the whole supply chain and focus on the entire chain.


  • We support and liaison to acquire the export permit from DOE (Department of Environment)
  • We export containers to North America for recycling and extraction of precious metals
  • We negotiate local handling and arrangements for approved transporter to carry schedule waste materials (SW110)


In line with your needs

We transport small instruments, heavy building machinery or complete industrial plants. With our versatile portfolio, we procure the components of your process for your suppliers locally and abroad. We also provide just-in-time transportation for the assembly work at your production facility with our fixed domestic and international scheduled routes. We offer fixed departures and delivery times for all your distribution needs.


Just-in-time to the assembly line

The relationship between manufacturers and suppliers can hardly be underestimated for any production process. As an experienced logistics service provider for both sides, we can reconcile the different requirements – and do so for procurementproduction and distribution. We support you in these processes, which range from managing and pooling the flows of goods for production lines to providing just-in-time supplies for assembly work and even delivering items.


Dedicated and experienced project specialists

Our project logistics experts use their capacity and knowledge to transport products in various sizes, especially large equipment such as rotor blades for an offshore wind turbine. We have years of experience in transporting industrial goods to ensure safe and reliable delivery.



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