Cross-Docking in Asia

Rhenus Malaysia provides cross-docking services whereby your shipments are consolidated and deconsolidated in key locations safely and conveniently without warehousing storage for maximizing efficiency.


 Why use our Cross-Docking Services?

Why use our Cross-Docking Services?

At the Rhenus cross-docking hub, we provide freight consolidation for your smaller shipment volumes and combine them in larger trucks for longer distances. At the destination hub, shipments are broken down at the loading dock where incoming shipments are transited to outgoing shipments, reducing the need for storage in a warehouse. Shipments are quickly arranged for delivery to the final destination, maximizing utilization and efficiency. 

Quality you can count on

Rhenus Malaysia provides the best possible transit times, warehouse space and logistics equipment availability on top of cost advantages for its customers’ shipments.

Rhenus Malaysia has close relationships with preferred shipping companies, which allows us to offer the required cargo space at competitive prices – even in peak season. Furthermore, your planning security is guaranteed through fixed timetables with punctual groupage departures from Asian ports.


Benefits of Cross-Docking with Rhenus

  • Supply chain optimisation with fixed departures and reliable transit times
  • Competitive and flexible pricing – our services are cost-effective and designed with maximising profitability in mind
  • One point of contact – one reliable and experienced expert will be in charge per project and will be with you every step of the way
  • Reliable operational support  – transport experts will take care of your shipment, so you can take care of your business
  • Global service at competitive prices
  • The Rhenus gateway service is globally orientated and locally-focused
  • Support in opening up new markets

Reliable transit times

Rhenus Malaysia provides international services at competitive prices. Our end-to-end solutions within a global network guarantee supply chain and transit time optimisation.

Besides, our lean and regulated systems assure punctual delivery at the various station, and shipment arriving at the seaports is forward quickly by truck, rail and inland barge from our hubs.


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