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We frequently receive questions about our logistics and delivery services, particularly regarding white glove logistics and final mile delivery. As a leading supply chain solutions provider, we strive to provide answers that help you make informed decisions and achieve your business goals.

Logistics FAQs

Logistics FAQs

Our FAQs section provides practical information about our services, processes, and procedures, helping you better understand logistics and supply chain management. From warehousing to delivery and installation, we are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is always available to assist you.

If you wish to contact Rhenus Home Delivery , you can reach to our team via WhatsApp at 07908673386. Please provide some brief information on your enquiry and one of our sales team we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

As a leading logistics specialist and white glove delivery expert, we often get asked to clarify what a white glove delivery is.

White glove delivery describes the service whereby the logistics specialist goes above and beyond to ensure the customer gets their order request complete to ultimate satisfaction.

From project management, site surveys and risk assessments, we go the extra mile to ensure we carry out the service to the highest standards.

The service comes under many names, white glove delivery, final mile delivery or last mile delivery, whichever one you use we are the leading logistics specialist in the UK and fully capable of supporting your needs.

For more information on our white glove service, please visit our page White glove solutions.

The main difference is the level of service we go up to. Many freight hauliers provide good services, however typically, they will only deliver the customer product to the loading bay or goods in area. For customers that require their product to be delivered to the room of choice this can cause a headache.

They need not fear, as our differentiator is we will go above and beyond to get our customers product into their room of choice. With expert planning, skilled delivery crew and the latest specialist handling equipment available on the market we can ensure our customers get their product where it is needed.

We regularly move large, fragile and expensive product up ramps, stairs, lift shafts, crane into windows floors up, we welcome the challenge and always deliver.

To arrange a delivery or collection email our sales team via WhatsApp at 07908673386

We have different departments, each of them with specialised sector knowledge. Our sales team will be happy to understand your requirement and connect you with the appropriate team whom will best serve you.

Yes, we recognise and appreciate that customers may have specific requirements relating to their logistics requests. We are vastly experienced with attending sites of different natures where a high level of security clearance is required and means that you may need to arrive at specified times to go through clearance.

Or whether this can be meeting engineers at a hospital or laboratory to assist them with the installation of equipment for their customer.

Yes, as mentioned above we accommodate all of our customers’ requirements. We regularly support our customers with out of hours’ delivery, for example delivering into underground stations whilst they are not operational.

Contact us to let us know the nature of your enquiry.

Yes. This is what separates us from the majority of logistics hauliers. Most of the time logistics hauliers will only deliver to your goods in or loading bay area. Even if they say they can deliver to point of use, they tend to struggle and cannot complete the delivery as required.

Our experience and expertise comes in providing both file mile delivery and white glove delivery solutions, where we can deliver and position your product into the room of choice no-matter what obstacles we meet.

With a visit to site to perform a site survey, the right planning combined with skilled resource and the latest handling equipment, we will deliver your product inside the building.

Yes. In addition to our delivery specialists, we also have a team of solution specialists. This team is highly trained and knowledgeable on logistics solutions. From safe manual handling techniques to what is the most appropriate specialist handling equipment to use, this team will design the delivery method which gets the customer product into the room of choice.

Yes. Due to an increasing number of sites having a high level of security, we are well rehearsed with needing to provide the names of our delivery specialist to our customers for them to arrange access.

Typically, we provide these the day prior, but if our customers have special requirements necessitating these further in advance we are happy to support.

Rhenus High Tech runs a fleet of specialised transportation vehicles, each of them containing 2 x delivery specialists.

Whilst that is our default, we are of course able to flex up resource where required to provide additional manpower.

Yes, we have an extensive fleet of specialised transportation vehicles providing coverage across the UK.

Our transportation vehicles are specially made with a bespoke set of characteristics. These characteristics have been specified using our 30+ years of experience supporting a multitude of high tech sectors.

Some of the characteristics of our vehicles are:

  • Hard bodied
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Extended tail lifts with extra weight bearing capabilities
  • Load lock devices

Yes. The Rhenus group has extensive coverage across Europe and also has a growing presence in Asia and the Americas. This network covers all kind of freight and high tech services, as well as high-tech warehousing facilities.

In addition, Rhenus are the founding member of the TecDis Network. TecDis is the leading network of high tech specialised logistics providers across Europe. This gives us great capability and scope to support our customers no matter where they require a solution.

We have extensive experience with supporting customers with pre-staging / building the product. We can un-crate and build the product within our warehouse, which invariably saves time and cost during the final mile delivery phase.

We are happy to go meet the manufacturers to received detailed product knowledge which helps us support our customers, and employ a train-a-trainer process so that all of our delivery crew can become knowledge on a customer’s product. All of these value added services help increase the support we can provide.

During our 30+ years supporting various high tech sectors, we have built up a host of value added services which support our customers. 

From performing site surveys, to pre-staging customer products and full technical installation, the range and quality of our services is second to none

For further information of our value added services please view our detailed list of services at

If you require support with a service which is not currently listed, please do not hesitate to call or email us on the below details.

Call: 01784 422 900

Email: [email protected]

We welcome all feedback, good or bad. We really value feedback as it helps us to improve our service offering to our customers to ensure we are the best final mile carrier we can be. Please provide feedback on the below details:

Call: 01784 422 900

Email: [email protected]

Yes. Whilst we offer value added services which include pre-staging customer equipment, we are more than happy for customers to send their own engineers into our high tech warehouses.

We have various staging areas and technical centres in our facilities, which will allow ample room for engineers to complete their work.

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