High-Tech Warehousing

Rhenus in the UK offers advanced warehouse storage solutions for high-tech products. Our high-tech warehouses, equipped with a warehouse management system, cater to any business sector's requirements. We provide comprehensive services like inventory management and exceed customer expectations.



Our high-tech warehouses are located across the UK, designed to manage complex storage and logistics requirements. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, we provide contract warehousing and logistics services for short or long term storage needs, inventory management, and comprehensive logistics solutions. Our mission is to provide the best high tech warehouse storage solutions and logistics services to our customers.

White Glove Storage Services

We understand the importance of providing flexible and scalable storage solutions. We offer both short and long-term storage options, with the ability to adjust capacity and services as required. Our team of logistical experts work closely with our customers to design custom storage solutions that meet their unique needs. With our customer-centric approach and state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that our customers have peace of mind knowing their high-tech equipment is stored and managed with the highest level of care and efficiency.

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In our logistics centres, we offer a wide range of classic warehouse logistics services. These include pick-and-pack, cross-docking and quality inspections. We handle warehousing for small parts, such as spare parts, as well as for technically complex and large-scale equipment.

In order to ensure that our warehouse logistics run smoothly, we provide high levels of coordination performance for our customers. Our aim is to help you deliver your goods to your customers on time and in perfect condition – just as you would expect from a leading specialised value-added logistics service provider.

Our end-to-end warehousing solutions also include specialised packaging services for the safekeeping of your valuable goods. After all, we can draw on many years of experience in handling small and large items and valuable and sensitive equipment, and have developed procedures that are efficient as well as cost-effective for packaging and shipping preparations.


A variety of value-added services supplement our warehouse logistics.

Our particular focus is on customised warehousing and logistics solutions for unpackaged, sensitive technical products. Our value-added services include:

  • Customising (pre-configuration and configuration)
  • Installation or updating of software
  • Testing, cleaning, repairs
  • Calibration and test runs
  • User configuration



Rhenus offers pre-assembly and calibration services to help you pre-assemble, configure and test equipment before it is delivered to your customers.

Our employees are specifically trained up to the manufacturer’s technician level. By conducting DOA (dead on arrival) tests prior to delivery, we ensure that the devices reach the recipients in working condition. As soon as a product arrives at our technical centres, our technicians configure the devices in accordance with the requirements of the customer and carry out what is known as green button testing.

This process ensures that the product delivered to the end customer is fully functional – a key service factor for your customers. In addition, we reduce the time of installation to a minimum so that your customers experience as little disruption as possible during the delivery, installation and connection of the new equipment.



High levels of expertise and product knowledge are key to the high quality of our logistics warehouse services.

We work in close collaboration with manufacturers and ensure that our staff are provided with up-to-date training on a wide range of high-tech products. This enables us to successfully provide value-added services such as regular maintenance and system calibration.

We also ensure that we meet special logistical requirements and provide technical support to our customers’ technicians and service staff when needed.

Our in-house training academy is the foundation for the education and training of our teams.


Our high-tech warehouses are specially designed for testing and diagnosing equipment. Here, products can be stored, tested, configured and made ready for customers anywhere in the world in accordance with their specific requirements. Virtually all types of high-tech equipment can be safely stored in our facilities, including medical equipment, machine parts, frames, fitness equipment and all other technical equipment from other industries.

Our security-approved warehouses are equipped with burglary alarms, video surveillance as well as electronic access control. We are also ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified.

We place great value on sustainability in our logistics warehouses. Many of our logistics centres are already equipped with energy-saving LED lighting. E-charging points for cars, E-filling stations for trucks and photovoltaic systems round off our Green Logistics offerings at our newly built locations.

your benefits with us

Strategic Warehouse Facilities Across the UK

  • High-tech warehouse facilities located strategically across the UK
  • Geographically positioned to support major UK conurbations and surrounding areas
  • Efficient delivery model for customers
  • Facilities in Ashford (Surrey), Milton Keynes, Manchester, and Glasgow

Simplified Communication and Enhanced Transparency

  • Dedicated central contact person for streamlined communication
  • Single point of contact for all inquiries, orders, and project management
  • Innovative software for fulfilling supply chain requirements
  • Interactive solution for transparency and visibility
  • Real-time updates for effective decision-making

Safe storage

  • High security standards implemented in warehouses and distribution sites
  • ISO 14001 and 9001 certified warehouses
  • Measures in place to prevent burglary and unauthorised access
  • Central control tower for communications throughout the Rhenus network
  • Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) for efficient coordination and organisation of operations
  • Safe and secure environment for storage and handling of products

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Managing demo pool devices is complex. We support manufacturers of medical devices in all demo provision processes. Rhenus takes care of the demo pool logistics for both small and large devices such as ultrasound, endoscopes or surgical microscopes.

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