You can see a truck  leaving a warehouse from above. You can see a truck  leaving a warehouse from above.

Groupage transport solutions for you

Groupage shipping, also known as consolidated shipping, is a logistics solution that combines multiple smaller shipments from different customers into a single shipment. This efficient solution allows you to share trucks with other businesses to your point of destination, reducing transportation costs and minimizing environmental impact.

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Why Rhenus is your partner for groupage

At Rhenus Logistics, we understand the importance of cost-effective and efficient shipping solutions for your business. That’s why we offer groupage transports using our extensive European Logistics network with locations across many countries and local experts by your side.

Experience the best Rhenus Groupage Service to date with Groupage Network 2.0

We’ve upgraded our Groupage service so you can take your supply chain to the next level.

With Groupage Network 2.0, our latest innovative solution with the aim of Driving Groupage Forward, we offer you daily collections and departures across Europe. Built with you and your customers in mind, Groupage Network 2.0 has been designed to cut waiting times and propel your Groupage shipments forward with speed and efficiency so you can reach your customers even quicker.

You take care of your business and we’ll take care of the rest – find out how:

Benefit from our Rhenus Groupage Service:


With truly daily departures, Rhenus connects Europe with an efficient and reliable groupage transportation solution, to and from any destination in Europe. With a wide network of partners and over 100+ years of experience in logistics, our daily connections across Europe ensure that your goods will reach their destination on time and in good condition.


We’re not just one of Europe’s leading road freight logistics service providers, we also manage one of the largest pan-European road freight networks. You can rest assured knowing your goods won’t leave our network of Rhenus-owned and partner locations and will be transported in a highly efficient way.


With supply chains becoming even tighter around the world, getting your goods from A to B as quickly as possible is crucial for most businesses. That’s why our new groupage network has been designed around efficiency, so that most shipments can be delivered to and from anywhere in Europe in a short and reliable manner.

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Get an Instant Price For Your European Road Freight

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Moving goods through europe just got a lot quicker

We’ve invested heavily in our newly optimised network – take a look how your lead times could be improved:

Our improved routes from to are % quicker on average then they were in 2023.

We're still working on optimising this route to provide you with an even quicker service. You can still take advantage of our daily collections while we continue to optimise this route and work towards our goal of ensuring that all of our transport routes are not only as quick and efficient as possible, but that they contribute towards our sustainability climate goals.

Moving goods through europe just got a lot quicker