Our Home Delivery Services: 2-Man Handling

We provide household appliance delivery fulfillment such as furniture and mattresses to destinations across the UK, which can be accompanied by assembly and installation of your brown goods, as well as disposal. You can feel at ease with our experienced two-man delivery teams.

All-round delivery service to your home

All-round delivery service to your home

Regardless of the goods, whether furniture, mattresses, large sports equipment or brown goods – we supply customers on behalf of stationary and e-commerce dealers, as well as manufacturers. In addition, we unpack goods, assemble them, and dispose of packaging and mattresses. Specific orders can be conveniently viewed via our shipment tracking system, both by you as the customer as well as your customers. 

For any queries, please contact our customer service team via WhatsApp at 07908673386.

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Our special services

Brought into a central hub

After the goods have been brought into our central warehouse, we forward them to the regional delivery locations in accordance with the hub-and-spoke model. From there, the delivery to the customer, using out two-man handling service, takes place on the agreed delivery date.

Your benefits:

  • Daily main runs to the delivery locations guarantee short running times, as only one site has to be visited
  • Distribution can also be carried out directly by the industry
  • Our warehouses and employees are specially equipped to handle your good
Direct integration in regional sites

Alternatively, you can send your goods directly to our delivery locations. Delivery to the customer also takes place here in two-man-handling.

Your benefits:

  • Delivery times for high shipment volumes or purely regional orders are shortened
  • In addition, the handling of particularly sensitive goods can be avoided
Storage in dedicated and multi-user warehouses

Whether it’s a complete range, promotional goods or bestsellers, we store your goods centrally in the multi-user warehouse and thus create a high degree of flexibility in personnel and storage space utilisation.

Your benefits:

  • As a customer, you only pay for the space used for your goods

Your benefits with Rhenus Home Delivery

  • Two-man-handling free to place of use
  • Delivery, collection and exchange of goods
  • Individual appointments (arranged by telephone or online)
  • Restricted delivery window
  • Tracking with Track & Trace
  • Paperless processing
  • Professional returns management
  • Own contact centre for customer service and appointment scheduling with trained agents
  • Individually adapted logistics solutions

Highest quality standards

  • Uniform processes and quality standards at all sites
  • Efficient network nationwide and in other European countries 
  • Specially trained drivers 
  • Own customer service with trained agents
  • Professional returns management

Your goods delivered to the right place

  • Daily main runs to our delivery bases
  • Appointments can be made either by telephone or online in just a few clicks
  • Restricted delivery window 
  • Tracking with Track & Trace supported by active push notifications for customers

Installation and assembly

We are your specialist for assembling furniture

As part of our delivery service, we can assemble furniture for the end customer. We professionally assemble all furniture, be it a sofa or bed.

Smooth connection thanks to trained personnel

In addition to assembling furniture, our services also include the installation of brown goods. Our employees are specially trained for this.


Professional disposal of packaging materials

To protect your goods, sufficient packaging material – such as cardboard, polystyrene and foil – is essential. But in order to offer your customers an optimal delivery experience, we not only pack, but also unpack. We then take all packaging materials with us and dispose of them professionally.

Don't worry about your old mattresses, we will take care of them for you.

When you receive new furnishings or equipment, your old ones are often no longer needed. So that end customers do not have to take care of disposal themselves, we are happy to take on this task and routinely dispose of mattresses.

Alternatively, you can also contact our customer service team via WhatsApp at 07908673386. We are always ready to help you.