Demo Equipment Management

Rhenus in the UK manages demo equipment for some of the world's leading manufacturers, who make products in a variety of HealthCare related sectors such as Life Care Solutions and Ultrasound. Take a read of what services could be of support to you.



Your demo pool inventory is stored and managed within our high-tech facilities. Our specialised IT support ensures transparency regarding each element in the demo pool. Your sales team agrees to a demonstration with a potential customer for a specific demo device on a specific date and time. We provide all related logistics services. Rhenus performs demo equipment management services for some leading manufacturers, with a special focus on healthcare-related sectors, including life sciences, diagnostic imaging and microscopy.


We configure and check all demo pool inventory prior to releasing it to be transported to your potential customer and set it up on site in order to ensure that it is in excellent working condition and that it meets customer specifications. We thus provide for smooth and successful future demonstrations. Find out more in our complete service offering below.


DEMO Equipment Recovery

Optimize your management of high-value demo equipment with our asset recovery services. Say goodbye to the hassles of lost or incomplete returns, as Rhenus's expert tracking and retrieval ensure your assets are accounted for. Trust Rhenus to handle your demo equipment, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your core business


Whether life sciences equipment, radiology equipment or surgical devices: your demo pool should be ready for use at short notice and spend as little time as possible unused in storage. We consider the handling of your demo equipment pools as a cycle: starting with the equipment set-up, through short-term interim storage, flexible transport to the point of use, pick-up and refurbishment. This also includes, for example, deleting patient data and replenishing consumables. Furthermore, we have an effective delivery model, enabling us to efficiently transport all of the equipment directly to the specific site if urgent, or deliver the product via our consolidation network, offering you cost savings.

Demo equipment management services we can offer:

  • On-time delivery of products onto the customer’s premises
  • Cleaning of your equipment
  • Removal of patient data (helping you to comply with data security procedures)
  • Pre-staging and configuration of the product to meet the customer’s demo requirements
  • Professional inventory control

The Rhenus inventory control process is conducted by our team of professionals, who are highly experienced in this field of operation. Our team makes sure that all of the equipment used in the demonstration is delivered to the site on time, enabling your sales team to perform the demonstration in front of all the customer’s key decision makers.

With our experience and close coordination with key manufacturers, we are able to configure the equipment expertly at the demo stage.

Our enhanced systems for demo equipment management gives the customer full visibility of all activities as well as the capability to efficiently maintain optimum levels of inventory.

Rhenus in the UK warehouses are located all across the UK, ensuring that all of our equipment is properly stored through our advanced warehouse management system. The security system of our high-tech warehouses enables both customer and customer service staff to easily manage the equipment using the system.


Not all equipment is the same. The medtech sector in particular is characterised by high product diversity and numerous additional configurations. Ensuring that no time is lost when conducting a demonstration of a medical device at a doctor’s office or hospital, that the product is connected professionally, and that it is in the operating room at the right time calls for a wealth of technical expertise and product understanding.

Complex healthcare products such as surgical microscopes for surgical procedures and diagnostic equipment require precision-defined processes for assembly and disassembly, as well as for detailed functional testing once the demo is completed. These can take up to several hours for sophisticated products.

Installation check – Here are some of the many points we check for you:

  • Does the room temperature at the installation site comply with the manufacturer’s specifications?
  • Is the packaging undamaged?
  • Are all parts listed in the packing list present?
  • Are the cables and power plugs undamaged?
  • Does the system start without error messages?
  • Is the functional test of the equipment successful?
  • Is the decontamination certificate on the machine?

In keeping with the ‘train the trainer’ method, we only deploy employees who have been professionally trained in dealing with the respective equipment for transport, handling, assembly, installation and functional testing of demo equipment. In addition, we have worked out extensive checklists together with our clients to test functionalities and processes on the equipment. This ensures that we always maintain the same high standards of quality.

In cooperation with one of our clients, we have planned an innovative training concept based on two pillars: an e-learning programme for small equipment with low technical complexity, incorporating augmented reality, and an in-person training programme for large equipment that has a high level of technical complexity. The procedure, scope and format of training are based on this.


Our example training concept for demo equipment management



In-person training

Application area

  • Small equipment
  • Low technical complexity
  • Large equipment
  • High technical complexity

Training content

  • Installation check
  • Function check
  • Electrical equipment safety check
  • Installation check
  • Function check
  • Electrical equipment safety check


  • Use of VR glasses or tablets
  • In-person training with trainer on-site


  • Presentation of the work steps in the e-learning programme with the help of augmented reality and tablets
  • Independent implementation by the employee on the equipment
  • Orientation based on checklists
  • Written final test
  • Remote control by certified trainers
  • Demonstration on the equipment
  • Up to 4 employees per training
  • Orientation based on checklists
  • Written final test
  • On-site control by certified trainers


  • 1 day per equipment type
  • 2 days per equipment type


  • Parallel training
  • Location and time independent
  • High savings potential through flexibility and remote support
  • Live demonstration on the equipment
  • Personal clarification of questions on-site
  • Intensive training

The training is passed only after the completion of a final test and an additional check by the company’s own trainers. Regardless of the training type, the basic training contents include the installation check of equipment, the function check, and the safety check of electrical equipment.

Demo Pool Management

Our all-round services for a seamless presentation of your medical demo devices. Download the flyer and find out more about demo pool management!

your benefits with us


  • Transparency in demo stock and utilisation level
  • Full control and visibility of equipment / demo status


  • Potential to reduce inventory costs
  • Freeing up own resources of technicians


  • Scalable solution in terms of product volume, geography and level of technical services
  • Use of Rhenus infrastructure and network structure in key international European markets
  • Services are offered on a regional, national and international basis

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