Refrigeration Cabinets

We deliver your refrigerator cabinets to the branches of your customers within the agreed time window. From collection from the factory to the final functional test, we meet all the technical and logistical requirements of your plug-in cooling units.



Do you want to equip a large number of food retail outlets across the UK with your cooling appliances every week? Our special vehicles ensure that your sensitive freezer cabinets, overhead units and refrigerators arrive undamaged and on time. We assemble, assign numbers to the units and test the display cabinets on site – right up to acceptance. No matter what type of store or layout. Even after commissioning, you can rely on us to service and maintain your equipment.

Logistics Solutions for Refrigerator Cabinets

Refrigeration units in supermarkets and discount stores keep food fresh. But refrigeration cabinets not only weigh several hundred kilograms, they also have sensitive elements such as glass fronts and electrical systems. To ensure that they arrive at the store undamaged, we take care of transporting them to the point of use and professionally assemble them there.

We ensure that the refrigeration units are connected at ground level and in parallel - after all, it's all in the eye. After the functional test of the units, they can be put into operation. Maintenance, spare parts supply and repairs round off our service portfolio.



Our delivery and assembly teams are experts when it comes to equipping supermarkets and discounters with over a dozen display cabinets within just a few hours. This involves more than just transporting and setting up the units: floor measuring, levelling, aligning, anchoring to walls and floors, checking inclination and functions, photo documentation and acceptance protocols are all part of our service as well.

Speaking of acceptance protocols: in addition to physical protocols, we are able to create digital protocols. Within minutes of signing, everyone involved is thus informed of the project’s completion.


No matter where your plant is located in the UK: With our comprehensive network, we can reach your production facility within a short time, collect the cooling units from you or your supplier after production is complete and transport them to the delivery location.

For the interim storage of your refrigerated cabinets until delivery to your customers, we offer you the option of both centralised and decentralised warehousing. With the help of decentralised storage, we achieve particularly fast reaction times in the delivery areas and, in the event of a service call, have quick access to replacement goods so that we can replace defective devices the following day.

We take care of the direct delivery of your refrigerated cabinets to branches of the food retail trade. Depending on the quantity, the transport is also carried out as a full load with our special vehicles, which are padded and air-sprung to protect your cooling devices and have safety elements and hydraulic lifting platforms. Our delivery teams also have special equipment available for gentle handling of the devices, including heavy-duty jacks and transport tools.

Due to the built-in glass and sensitive surfaces, experience, the right equipment and precise work are required when handling refrigerated cabinets. With the appropriate special tools, we adjust the freezer superstructure cabinets to the correct size, screw them to the freezers and ensure that all devices are connected to one another at ground level and in parallel. Our specialists measure the floor and level out any unevenness, anchor the refrigerated cabinets to the wall or floor and check that the distances are uniform.

After the plug-in of the installed refrigerated cabinets, we carry out a functional test. We use a defined checklist to check whether the cooling unit is working properly. You and your customers can use photo documentation, which we will send you digitally as part of the acceptance report, to see the successful installation for yourself.

Defective or worn-out devices can be returned by us and disposed of professionally. In addition, our technicians can take care of the maintenance of your refrigerated cabinets, including the supply of spare parts. We also carry out repairs in our logistics centers.


We get down to work: Commitment to cooling unit logistics

your benefits with us


  • Our European network provides us with extensive capacities to adapt your projects quickly and flexibly to market needs. Even at peak times, we have sufficient staff and vehicles at our disposal.
  • We help you to place tenders in European countries where you have not yet established your own structures.


  • We are experts in carrying out wide-ranging projects on schedule. Even complex roll-outs of cooling lines, e.g. the fitting out of a high number of outlets per week for a customer in the food retail trade, are part of our day-to-day business.
  • We take the term ‘complete’ literally: We collect your refrigeration cabinets from the factory and take care of the entire process up to the acceptance of the installed cooling appliances by the branch manager.


  • Rhenus combines forwarding expertise with technical competence. We not only take care of the professional transport of sensitive refrigeration displays for you, but also ensure that they are installed professionally. We complete the installation within a period of approximately just six hours.
  • During a joint implementation phase, our employees receive customer-specific training and are optimally qualified for their work.
  • With us, you avoid interfaces, reduce costs and minimise the risk of failure.

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