Value-Added Services for High-Tech Logistics

We provide expert value-added logistics services, including pre-stage and configuration of customer products, dead on arrival testing, patient data removal, and product clean and decontamination. Explore our comprehensive services to enhance your high-tech logistics capabilities.

Solutions Beyond Traditional Logistics

Solutions Beyond Traditional Logistics

As a leading specialist logistics company, we offer a comprehensive range of value-added services that go beyond traditional logistics. Our experienced team provides bespoke solutions for various industries, including healthcare, IT & data, fitness, digital signage & kiosks, robotics, and more. From final mile delivery and positional services to full technical installation expertise, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.


Our years of experience supporting our customers and their respective industries have made us knowledgeable and skilled in performing value-added services including:

  • Pre-stage and configuration of customer product
  • Dead on arrival (DOA) testing
  • Patient data removal on loan or demo equipment
  • Product clean and decontamination
  • Equipment maintenance and repair (periodic and urgent break fix)
  • Stair climbing of customer product at site
  • End-user training
  • Removal of customer product for resale
  • X-ray testing

Equipment maintenance and repair is at the forefront of services that we support customers with. Using our technicians to support them in periodic maintenance and break fix services helps our customers increase the pool of resource available to them. Performing maintenance at periodic intervals helps keep equipment in good working order, whilst again leveraging our resource for break fix services helps provide shorter response times to customers with broken equipment.

We recognise that the skills, knowledge and expertise of our personnel are paramount when delivering logistics services of the upmost quality. That is why each member of our staff is put through a rigorous training programme to ensure they deliver the service and expertise that customers desire

Our technicians receive training on:

  • Project management procedures
  • The bespoke characteristics and capabilities of our specialist transportation vehicles (including FORS transport regulations)
  • The operation of manual handling techniques using specialist handling equipment floor protection, tilting equipment and stair climbing equipment
  • Cleaning and decontaminating medical equipment
  • Pre-staging and configuration techniques such as cabling and software updates (these are often exams carried out by our manufacturing customers)


Rhenus in the UK operates geographically positioned warehouse facilities across the UK in Ashford, Milton Keynes, Manchester, and Glasgow. These high-tech and secure facilities are staffed by CRB cleared personnel and equipped with advanced security measures, including key card access and high-resolution CCTV cameras, to ensure the integrity and protection of customer products. 

Our storage facilities include:

  • Short and long term storage
  • Pre staging or system configuration area
  • Pre-delivery preparation area
  • Equipment repair and test centres
  • X-ray room test facilities
  • Anti-static facilities



In compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, we will take care of the disposal of your old equipment at the end of its life cycle. We exchange old products for new ones, collect technical equipment that is no longer functional or has reached the end of its life from your customer and take care of its disposal.


Many technical devices, e.g. medical products or machines, require individual customisation of system settings. When customising, we adapt the parameters of software and products to your specific requirements. This can involve country-specific settings, the creation of interfaces, the activation of functions or the adaptation of layouts.


It is particularly important to protect sensitive personal data from unauthorised access. As a value-added logistics provider for high-tech devices such as ATMs or medical devices, data protection and secure data erasure are of the utmost importance to us. We ensure GDPR-compliant data erasure at the end of the life cycle of a technical device. In addition, we also perform data erasure for demo devices, e.g. ultrasound devices, as part of our demo pool management after the test devices have been returned.


Another service we offer is the consolidation of consignments according to your requirements. We can arrange the picking of multiple products at our locations to ensure that goods are made available efficiently and in line with your needs. By optimising processes, we reduce your costs and increase the flexibility of processing.


Technical equipment is often complicated in terms of operation or requires specific product knowledge. When it comes to technical innovations and updates, many customers also need an introduction to new functions, as well as to the operation of the equipment. And this is where our technicians come into play. Based on their extensive training, they are well qualified to explain and demonstrate the functions of new or overhauled devices to your customers in a clear and comprehensible manner.


Packaging almost always accrues when goods are purchased and delivered. Especially in the case of large technical devices, this packaging can take up a lot of space and is difficult to dispose of yourself. Upon request, Rhenus will therefore take back your packaging for delivered equipment.


We support our customers with our pre-staging and calibration services during the pre-assembly, configuration and testing of technical equipment before it is delivered to the customer. This reduces assembly and configuration time on site and saves our customers precious time.

Our technicians are trained by the manufacturers for the specific products. We therefore guarantee the proper and speedy installation of the products. We then configure the devices according to individual customer requirements. In addition, we carry out dead-on-arrival (DOA) tests. Our established pre-staging processes ensure that your products are fully functional upon arrival at their point of use.

your benefits with us


  • Wide range of services, from individual deliveries to complete packages

  • Expert advice based on industry know-how, decades of experience, and best practices

  • Focus on logistics solutions for unpackaged and sensitive technical products on the last mile



  • Enhanced service capabilities due to trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Configuration and customer training provided for technical equipment
  • Expertise in working with a wide range of manufacturers
  • Customised solutions for unique customer needs


  • High-tech warehouses designed for proper equipment storage, configuration, testing, and inspection
  • Specialised areas for handling medical equipment, high-tech machines, banking and vending machines, and fitness products
  • Burglar alarms, video surveillance, and electronic access systems for enhanced security
  • Unauthorised access prevented to ensure equipment integrity and customer product safety

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