Customs warehousing in the UK Customs warehousing in the UK

Customs warehousing in the UK

Our systems and authorisations allow our customers to deposit goods and defer payment of import duties and taxes until the goods are removed from our warehouses. In some cases, duty and VAT payments in the UK can be avoided completely.

Customs Brokerage and Documentation

Customs Brokerage and Documentation

We have the specialist knowledge and skills to support the import and export of goods, whilst taking into account the many different rules, regulations and customs regimes of individual countries. Our state-of-the art Type R Public Customs Warehouses combine both 24/7 security and full CCTV coverage to ensure the safeguarding of our customers’ invaluable stock.

Benefits of using Customs Bonded Warehousing

Inbound & Outbound Goods

Once you notify us that imported goods are en route to the UK, we’ll deal with the customs procedures and related paperwork so you don’t have to. This includes liaising with your shipping agent, arranging delivery from the port of entry in the UK directly into our bonded storage warehouses. We’ll then notify you once the goods are received and stored at our warehouse.

When you wish to issue the goods from bond, we’ll make the necessary arrangements with HMRC on your behalf, including payment of VAT and duty. We’ll then pick, pack and prepare your stock as required and arrange onward delivery to your chosen destination.


Key Benefits include:

  • Using a Customs Warehouse allows a company to delay or avoid payment of duty and VAT.
  • Using our approved software connections with HMRC and our authorisations, we offer a fully auditable duty management solution.
  • Our highly motivated team of expert customs brokers can ensure your business remains compliant.
  • The move from CHIEF to the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will lead to more complex customs processes. In 2018, we were one of the first companies to go live on CDS.

Our authorisations include:

  • Public Customs Warehouse
  • SDP (Simplified Declaration Procedure)
  • EIDR (Entry In Declarant's Records).
  • Common Storage
  • Authorised Consignee
  • Authorised Consignor
  • Transit Guarantee
  • HMRC badges at all major sea ports in the UK

Our customs expertise

Let us help you navigate the complexities of duty and VAT management and all other aspects of import and export.
With in-depth knowledge of customs schemes available to delay, reduce, or avoid duty and VAT payments on goods imported to the UK, we can advise on and provide the best solutions for your imports and exports.
We operate fully auditable and HMRC approved suites of software to minimise costs and maximise control.

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