Banking & Retail

As the preferred partner for banking and retail sectors, Rhenus in the UK provides the best quality service for its clients. We handle sensitive materials safely with the help of advanced handling equipments. Our safe and secure transport capabilities are highly effective for these industries.



Our experienced central team manages our UK network, including ATM installation, ensuring efficient communications between major cities and outer regions. IT asset management is a top priority for us, with expertise in the entire reverse logistics process. We handle IT asset tracking, storage, collections, and removals with precision, guaranteeing responsible waste management, recycling, or disposal of old equipment. Transparency is key, with tracking available for all completed orders across the UK and Europe.

Preferred Partner for the Banking and Retail Sectors

Rhenus provides full-service logistics for retail and banking industries, specialising in EPOS and ATM installations. With a UK-based operation, we offer flexible services nationwide and in offshore regions. Our comprehensive range of services extends beyond installations, demonstrating our commitment to customer care. Backed by our specialised fleet and state-of-the-art warehouses, we prioritise data and equipment security throughout the logistics chain.

To further protect your data and equipment during these processes, Rhenus in the UK has developed a tried and tested method. Our approach includes enhanced security clearances and asset tracking of the product via GPS, as well as:

  • A dedicated 2-man crew and vehicle is used throughout the service, ensuring consistency. Both are booked at least 24 hours in advance
  • Products in transport are security sealed in a cage or on a safe pallet
  • All products being transported are security tagged

We employ advanced warehousing procedures, utilizing RFI and barcodes for efficient inventory management. Additionally, we prioritise data security by securely wiping sensitive information prior to recycling or refurbishment. Trust Rhenus for reliable and secure ATM installations.


Our Packaging Solutions

As an expert in packaging services, Rhenus provides a wide range of solutions for retail and consumer goods products. From sub-assembly and kitting to automatic labeling and cartoning, our high-speed, high-volume production capabilities are designed to meet your packaging needs without requiring capital investment. With specialised services in hand-packing, shrink-wrapping, point of purchase display builds, re-work/re-dress and more, Rhenus is your trusted partner for efficient and effective packaging solutions.

your benefits with us

Wide range of services

  • Wide range of services, from individual deliveries to complete packages

  • Expert advice based on industry know-how, decades of experience, and best practices

  • Focus on logistics solutions for unpackaged and sensitive technical products on the last mile


European high-tech network

  • European presence with own warehouse and technical centers
  • Strong network of TECDIS, one of the largest European networks of high-tech logistics specialists
  • Global operations with capacities of numerous other companies in the Rhenus Group at our disposal

State-of-the-art special fleet

  • Specially equipped vehicles with air suspension, padded loading compartments, and hydraulic lifting platforms for gentle transport
  • Efficient loading and unloading process with options for opening canopies
  • Enhanced security measures with GPS in our fleet to protect goods against theft during transportation.



our services for the banking and retail sectors

As a trusted logistics provider, we offer specialised services for data center relocation in the banking sector. Our experienced team is well-equipped to handle the complex requirements of relocating critical data center infrastructure, ensuring smooth and secure transitions. We provide end-to-end solutions, including project management, equipment handling, transportation, and installation, tailored to meet the unique needs of the banking industry.

With our expertise in data center logistics, we ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency during the relocation process.

We offer complete solutions for full technician installation in the banking and retail sectors. Our team of trained technicians are experienced in installing and configuring a wide range of technical equipment, including servers, networking devices, ATMs, refrigerator cabinets, and more. With our expertise in handling complex installations, we ensure that all equipment is properly installed, tested, and configured to meet the specific requirements of the banking and retail industries. Our comprehensive installation services are designed to minimise disruption and ensure seamless operations for our customers in these sectors.

Our efficient and reliable delivery network ensures that products, equipment, and supplies are delivered to the final destination on time and in perfect condition. Our experienced team of delivery experts understands the unique requirements of the banking and retail industries, and we work closely with our customers to provide tailored solutions for their last mile delivery needs. With our advanced tracking and monitoring systems, we ensure that the delivery process is smooth, secure, and transparent, providing peace of mind to our customers in the banking and retail sectors.

Our expertise in managing product returns, exchanges, and repairs allows us to efficiently handle reverse logistics operations, ensuring timely and cost-effective solutions. From managing returned merchandise, repairing or refurbishing products, to disposing of items in an environmentally responsible manner, our reverse logistics services help our customers streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. We prioritise transparency, compliance, and sustainability in our reverse logistics processes, providing reliable and effective solutions for our valued clients.

In addition to our core logistics services, our value-added services include product assembly, kitting, labeling, packaging, and customisation to provide a tailored solution for our clients. We also offer inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment services to support our customers in optimising their supply chain operations. With our expertise in handling sensitive and high-value products, along with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are the preferred choice for value-added services in the banking and retail sectors.


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