Power Systems & Plant

We have the best resources to provide reliable logistics solutions for all power systems manufacturers. We have trained logistics professionals and specialist vehicles to handle the transportation of delicate power systems safely and secure warehouses suitable to store delicate technologies.



High-tech industries like healthcare and IT rely on uninterrupted power for smooth operations. That's why trustworthy machinery movers and installation services are crucial for seamless power systems. We provide reliable solutions for your power system needs.

Experienced Industrial Installation Management

Rhenus in the UK has vast experience managing various industrial installation services, with many such projects successfully completed through our advanced approach we could be classed as leading machinery movers.

For services such as machinery transportation, getting the right service is imperative as both power systems and plant products are expensive to purchase. These systems should only be handled by trained logistics professionals. We have the resources, expertise and knowledge required to successfully provide reliable specialist logistics solutions for power systems from all manufacturers.

Machine moving and engineering services that deal with products like uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) require up-to-date knowledge. As well-rounded specialists, we continuously train our staff on handling the latest power systems from manufacturers across the continent.

your benefits with us

Streamlined Machine Delivery with Pre-Staging

  • Efficient pre-staging areas in secure warehouses for performing necessary configurations by engineers
  • Reduced on-site service time and costs, allowing businesses to gain access to power quickly and minimising disruption during machinery installation services.

Accurate Inventory Management

  • Reliable and accurate inventory management services offered with RFI and bar-code enabled WMS system
  • Streamlined logistics operations and hassle-free inventory management through RFI and barcodes, providing warehousing and inventory management services in between deliveries and relocations.

State-of-the-art special fleet

  • Specially equipped vehicles with air suspension, padded loading compartments, and hydraulic lifting platforms for gentle transport
  • Efficient loading and unloading process with options for opening canopies 
  • Enhanced security measures with GPS in our fleet to protect goods against theft during transportation.

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