We offer end to end assistance from storage and inventory management services to reverse logistics for the telecommunications sector. Our dedicated team ensures that every project succeeds. Coupled with our experienced technicians, we offer a strong service for our customers.



We specialise in delivering complex network installation services to the telecommunications industry. With a highly customisable set of procedures, we offer electronic installation services in various locations, including secure sites, BT exchanges, high buildings, and remote off-road locations..

Electronic and Network Delivery for Telecommunication Sector

Telecommunication Network Installation Services

As a full-service specialist logistics provider, Rhenus in the UK provides end-to-end assistance, from storage and inventory management services at our high tech storage facilities, to reverse logistics. In the past we have worked on:

  • Switch equipment installation projects
  • Communication upgrades
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Collection, final mile delivery, positioning 

At the end of the telecommunication product’s lifecycle, or when it is surplus to needs, Rhenus also provides reverse logistics and disposal services.

To ensure every project succeeds, each one receives a dedicated project management team who will oversee the entire process. This process includes performing site surveys and risk assessment procedures, as well as implementing control measures where needed. To keep track of everything, end-to-end documentation will be used.

A Service Without Comparison

From our warehouses, we provide dependable final mile delivery. Our expansive fleet of vehicles is customised to handle even the most delicate of equipment, with padding and straps keeping your products secure through the journey.

Rhenus has developed careful methods of transporting sensitive equipment and machinery, which includes assigning a 2-man crew to travel with the vehicle throughout the journey. Moreover, while en route, the products are continuously tracked via GPS. Lastly, to further ensure safety:

  • Crew and vehicle details are always organised 24 hours in advance;
  • The crew transporting the equipment have an enhanced security clearance (SC, PES);
  • All equipment is stored in a sealed cage or on pallets; and
  • Every asset is security tagged.

As you would expect from a leading logistics provider, Rhenus in the UK provides all the after delivery services needed to ensure the proper functioning of the telecommunication devices. We can also assist with large-scale rollouts, and offers additional services to install any required software updates.


your benefits with us

Safe Warehousing and Inventory Management

  • Secure warehouse facilities with advanced technologies for efficient logistics of vending and gaming machines
  • Value-added services such as assembly, software updates, and refurbishment provided by trained engineers in pre-staging areas to reduce on-site installation time
  • Smooth storage and inventory management ensured through high-bay racking, block-stacking areas, and comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) with RFI and barcodes
  • Short and long-term storage solutions with 24-hour security for safeguarding machines provided by our trusted services.

European high-tech network

  • European presence with own warehouse and technical centers
  • Strong network of TECDIS, one of the largest European networks of high-tech logistics specialists
  • Global operations with capacities of numerous other companies in the Rhenus Group at our disposal

State-of-the-art special fleet

  • Specially equipped vehicles with air suspension, padded loading compartments, and hydraulic lifting platforms for gentle transport
  • Efficient loading and unloading process with options for opening canopies
  • Enhanced security measures with GPS in our fleet to protect goods against theft during transportation.

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