Pre-Stage & Configuration

We can pre-stage & configure customer equipment which helps provide our customer a number of value-add options. This is a vital process as it saves time for clients and ensures the product is fully programmed before being delivered, improving the service experience of the end-customer.



This pre-staging process assures our clients that the product delivered into the end customer is fully functional, enhancing the service experience of the end customer. In addition, time on site is reduced, lessening the impact that customers feel within their facilities during the delivery of the new equipment.


We offer comprehensive logistics services for high tech products, including pre-staging, calibration, green button testing, and technical support. Our trained technicians ensure equipment arrives in perfect condition and is configured to customer specifications. We also provide value-added services such as periodic maintenance and system calibration, and offer hardware decommissioning for responsible disposal. You can trust us for efficient and reliable logistics solutions for your high tech products.


High-Tech Warehousing Solutions

Our high tech warehouses are specially designed for careful mechanical examination and diagnostics. Products and equipment can be stored, tested, configured and readied for clients across the UK. Our warehouses can safely store almost every kind of high tech equipment, including medical equipment, machine components, racks, machines from the fitness industry, and all other tech equipment from various industrial fields.

Within the warehouses, we perform value-added services including:

  • Pre-staging
  • Data-wiping
  • Configuring
  • Data-loading
  • Testing
  • Calibration
  • Pre-assembly


your benefits with us


  • Ability to store, test, configure, and prepare products for clients across the UK
  • Safe storage for various types of high-tech equipment, including medical equipment, machine components, racks, machines from the fitness industry, and more
  • Highly trained and skilled staff with expertise in managing delicate and sensitive high-tech equipment
  • Compliance with industry standards for handling and storing high-tech products
  • State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to support efficient and secure warehousing operations
  • Strict security measures in place to safeguard products against theft, burglary, and unauthorised access
  • Regular maintenance and testing to ensure optimal performance and readiness for client use

Skilled and trained warehouse management team

  • In-house facilities with value-added services for maintenance tests and real-world simulations
  • Pre-staging process ensures products are delivered in perfect condition, ready for installation
  • Optimal conditions for storing, maintaining, and testing high-tech products
  • Proactive issue identification and resolution through diagnostic tests
  • Expertise in managing high-tech equipment for efficient and long-lasting use
  • ISO accredited warehouses with high security standards
  • Coordination through central control tower and advanced WMS system
  • Flexible and scalable short and long-term storage options
  • Customised storage solutions tailored to unique customer needs


  • Trained specialists with technical know-how
  • Own technical centers operated by professionals
  • Regular training on occupational safety, quality, and product handling
  • Goods transported, brought in, and installed with product suitability in mind
  • Reduces or eliminates need for customer technicians' support during installation
  • Ensures free capacities for customers
  • Goods handled by Rhenus' specialists with expertise and care.

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