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Professional transportation and proficient assembly services for fitness machines – full services for the fitness sector. Whilst some of the fitness equipment is not standard shapes and sizes, we are still able to handle these goods with upmost care.

Gym Equipment Delivery and Installation

Gym Equipment Delivery and Installation

Rhenus in the UK offers end-to-end gym equipment delivery service and gym installation services. With our decades of experience in the fitness and exercise sector, we have developed a reliable process to safely and efficiently provide gym equipment installations services. From manufacturer pickup, storage, fitness equipment delivery and assembly, to final removal or gym equipment relocation, every precaution is taken to ensure the project is completed safely.

Enhanced Solutions for Fitness and Exercise Equipment

Our Fitness & Exercise Equipment Solutions offer a range of services, including:

  • Large-scale exercise equipment delivery and setups, as well as gym equipment relocation for multinational gyms.
  • Individual exercise equipment delivery services, such as cross trainer delivery and setup.
  • Small scale iron gym installation and larger multi gym installation.
  • Dead on arrival (DOA) testing on all customer products and periodic maintenance and software updates.
  • Pre-assembly of assets within our high-tech warehouses to reduce installation time on site.

As an end-to-end service provider, we also offer:

  • Reverse logistics for old equipment, including recycling or refurbishing upon the end of the product lifecycle.
  • Dedication and commitment to supporting our customers' needs throughout the entire process.
  • Extensive experience supporting globally recognized fitness and gym equipment manufacturers.
  • Expertise in handling products such as treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines, and more.

your benefits with us


  • We can handle the complete cycle – from picking up, delivering, assembling, installing, maintaining and storing the machines and even managing the spare parts. You benefit from our full services, but only have one contact partner.
  • We make use of trained personnel from the fitness sector. They are specifically instructed at our company’s own training academy and are real experts in handling the different training machines.


  • We can either use direct trips or deliveries via our network and are therefore extremely flexible when it comes to handling your projects.
  • We can cope with any challenge: whether we need to transport items up spiral staircases, by crane through windows, comply with tight schedules, perform complex moves or provide equipment on several floors at the same time. We clarify the underlying logistical conditions at the outset and conduct inspections of the site, if necessary.


  • We supply your customers with the latest equipment: ranging from hotels to physiotherapy practices, gyms and public authorities or even on board cruise liners.
  • We can handle the complete roll-out – whether you require an individual machine or a complete range of devices. Maintaining close contact with customers is extremely important to us; we advise you and bring your projects to successful completion.

Other Fitness Services Inlcude

We offer extensive warehouse facilities across the UK. We store your valuable training devices in dust-free and heated premises. We fully adapt to your individual requirements – whether you need short-term interim storage or a permanent location.

We also operate a European-wide technical distribution network for sensitive products. The consignments are consolidated for dispatch there and transported to the regional delivery sites. You benefit from reliable transport services because we travel to the hub every day to guarantee short delivery times. Depending on what is required, projects are managed using 2-person handling.

We transport your machines, remove them from the pallet at the site and transport them carefully to the place where you wish to have them set up. The floor and contents of your practice or gym are carefully protected to prevent any scratches or damage. Trained employees install and configure the machines, therefore making it possible to start using them quickly.

If necessary, we dismantle any machines that are no longer required and dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner.

If required, we can assume responsibility for the maintenance work and completely manage the spare parts. As a result, we offer you the best possible help and support so that you can operate the machines at all times. We also perform repairs at your end customers’ premises or in our logistics centres.

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