Rhenus value-added services (VAS) in the UK Rhenus value-added services (VAS) in the UK

Rhenus value-added services (VAS) in the UK

Rhenus UK offers a wide range of value-added services, giving customers the ability to personalise, rework and co-pack, unique to each individual customers’ requirements. With the increase in e-commerce fulfilment, pre-retail services are increasingly important for retailers and end customers.


Tagging and Labelling

Rhenus in the UK has a skilled team proficient in labelling and relabelling of all product types, e.g. merchandise or apparel. Whether it is changing swing, security or Kimball tags, or more specific requirements such as repositioning and repricing. We employ accuracy as well as speed and have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the retailer’s requirements are adhered to. We can translate bar code stipulations to reflect the data specifications of the retailer’s customers, e.g. processing items for different shopping platforms, thereby opening up alternative routes to market.

Point of Sale and Shop Display

Rhenus in the UK works with retailers to create shop displays to fill the increasing demand of stock availability, where speed to market is crucial. Our VAS services provide customers with increased flexibility, allowing a quick turnaround of products from vehicle to shop floor.

Point of Sale and Shop Display

Gift-Wrapping and Gift Set Creation

Apart from secure shipping packaging, gift packaging has become indispensable in the warehousing industry. Rhenus in the UK offers you the opportunity to send your goods gift-wrapped seasonally and all year round. We offer gift-wrapping for individual products as well as for several products to be combined into one gift packaging. We can support a range of sustainable packaging options.

Gift-Wrapping and Gift Set Creation

Quality Control Inspection

With many products sourced from overseas vendors, retailers often require assurance that products arriving at their customers’ sites are fit for purpose and fulfil their brand promise.

Rhenus in the UK understands the importance of brand integrity and provides quality control and inspection services to ensure that the items meet retailers’ stringent specifications. Our inspection services reduce the risk of faulty goods reaching the end customer, which would damage the brand reputation. This procedure includes examining and testing products, either through spot checks or constant monitoring, to highlight any defects and to measure both quality and performance.

Quality Control Inspection

Embroidery and Sewing

Growing personalisation requirements have led Rhenus UK to invest in industrial embroidery machinery and software that enables our experienced team to quickly turn around orders within a matter of hours. These can either be one-offs or multiple orders with bespoke features and offer complete flexibility and a range of options for the most complex or demanding specifications.

From embroidered initials on bath robes to names on school uniforms and sportswear, we have the tooling and expertise to handle these requests to your exact specifications and high standards.

In addition to embroidery, we perform small sewing tasks, e.g. sewing on buttons.

Embroidery & Sewing

Packing, Co-Packing, Repacking and Inserting

With the huge growth of e-commerce the importance of attractive, sustainable and protective packaging is crucial for any business. Packaging now plays an important role in replicating the in-store experience for brands.

Rhenus in the UK will package the products for you. Whether it is repacking from original cartons into new packaging, co-packing different orders, inserting products and goods or simply packing them in order to secure the products during transport and to protect them: We assemble your products and goods into their final packaging.

Packing, Co-Packing, Repacking and Inserting

Final Mile and Route to Market

The production and delivery of local products demand precise planning, so the relevant means of transport and intermediate storage facilities can be used in the correct way.

Besides same- and next-day delivery, pre-sorted delivery is also one of the services Rhenus in the UK can provide for you. Benefit from our precise planning in using the relevant modes of transport and make use of our intermediate storage space.

Carrier management allows for the option of least cost routing and full track & trace.

Returns Management

Changes in the buying behaviour of consumers, who often order multiple items and then return those that are not needed, require retailers to have an efficient solution if they want to remain competitive.

Consumers expect returns to be processed as quickly and efficiently as the front-end ordering process and not have to wait days for credits, exchanges or replacements, as failing to do this may damage a brands reputation.

The ability to expedite these returns promptly is essential for creating customer loyalty at this stage of the fulfilment process. At Rhenus, we recognise the importance of this, along with the competitive advantage that can be gained through a resilient and consistent process.

We provide global support in the form of effective returns management, which is tailored to your needs. In addition to accepting returns, our experts are happy to organise the collection of the goods and return them to the central warehouse or point of return. The products are assessed regarding damages and possible adjustments can be carried out. Undamaged, unused devices can be repackaged, relabeled and quickly placed back on stock in the warehouse, while damaged goods are recycled or disposed of. Our dynamic returns management team ensures that Rhenus in the UK is your trusted partner for returns management.

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