Healthcare Logistics for Medical Devices

Logistics solutions for medical devices require specialist know-how in the supply chain. Professional handling is crucial for healthcare products storage, transport, positioning and assembly at the place of use. Rhenus is one of the leading industry leaders that offers top-level high-tech logistics, distribution, and transport solutions to make sure that your equipment arrives undamaged and ready for use.



An efficient healthcare system depends on professional logistics partners to move medical equipment which is often vital. With our medical device logistics, we ensure that hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, laboratories and healthcare professionals can concentrate on diagnoses and therapies.

Medical Logistics Expertise for the Healthcare Industry

Rhenus in the UK specialises in healthcare logistics, serving global medical device providers. With a focus on health tech management, we offer reliable services for medical device delivery and installation for the healthcare and medical devices sector. Our experienced team conducts site surveys, risk assessments, and method statements to ensure safe and accurate completion of customer requests. Count on Rhenus for efficient medical transportation management and trusted healthcare logistics solutions, including support for clinical trials.


Medical Equipment Movers

Our medical equipment transportation services go beyond mere delivery, offering comprehensive solutions for all your healthcare logistics needs. Our expert team specializes in the safe and efficient transport of sensitive medical devices, adhering to the highest standards and regulations, including the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) guidelines. From MRI magnets requiring cold storage to delicate instruments needing meticulous care, we ensure secure, temperature-controlled transport. Additionally, we support your recycling programs with thorough medical equipment disposal, including professional cleaning and secure data wiping. Trust us to handle every aspect of your medical equipment transport, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


Medical Device Disposal

Our services go beyond medical equipment delivery and demos, as we also assist with medical equipment recycling programs. Our project managers ensure proper disposal in compliance with manufacturer and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. With expertise in healthcare demo product disposal, including medical cleaning and data wiping, as well as cold storage for MRI magnets, we provide comprehensive temperature controlled solutions to support our customers.





High Tech Warehouses

Rhenus's storage facilities are equipped with CCTV coverage, have red care police rapid response support and are secure environments. In addition, they benefit from single and phase 3 power supplies.

Rhenus in the UK can provide the full range of medical storage facilities, including:

  • Pre staging or configuration area
  • Pre-delivery preparation area
  • Equipment repair and test centres
  • X-ray room test facilities
  • Equipment cleaning
  • In-transit merge and consolidation
  • Unpacking and package disposal
  • Parts management including pick, pack and despatch
  • MRI cold storage bays
  • MRI power facility
  • Overhead gantry system
  • Clean room environment
  • Patient records deletion
  • Healthcare equipment heart rate monitor


Tailored Medical Solutions: Discover our Comprehensive Services for Various Medical Segments!

Rhenus simplifies demo pool management for medical device manufacturers. Whether it's smaller devices like ultrasound or endoscopes, or larger products like surgical microscopes or diagnostic devices, our specialised service handles the entire process.

From transport to practical use, we ensure efficient handling of demo devices for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and medical practices, allowing manufacturers to offer "try before you buy" opportunities to potential customers with ease.

Diagnostic imaging has become an integral part of today's medical technology. But how do the sensitive computer tomographs (CT), magnetic resonance tomographs (MRT) or even digital X-ray machines get into the radiology department of a hospital undamaged? Professional handling, special transport equipment and suitable vehicles are required to transport such large diagnostic devices.

We not only take care of the safe transport, but also of the floor protection, the positioning and the mechanical installation of these sensitive and demanding devices at the final point of use.

Among other things, we take on these services for a leading global supplier of systems for imaging diagnostics for its entire product range in many European countries.

As a trusted partner of leading dental specialist dealers, Rhenus simplifies the delivery process for dental equipment, devices, and practice furniture. We handle pre-collection from various suppliers, merge-in-transit at our locations, and ensure timely delivery to the final place of use. Our experienced team can also assist with unpacking and construction, if needed. By bundling delivery dates and accommodating customer preferences, we help dental practices save time, reduce disruptions, and streamline their procurement process.

With our Europe-wide delivery expertise and years of experience serving market leaders in the UK dental specialist trade, you can rely on us for efficient and reliable last-mile delivery.

Experts expect medical robots to revolutionise the healthcare sector. So that these highly specialised devices can be used, it is the task of specialists like us to ensure that they can be transported undamaged from the manufacturer to the operating room of a clinic.

For example, on behalf of a British medical technology company, we are taking on the transport and installation of a robot-assisted surgery system that was specially developed to achieve better treatment outcomes and responds to the needs of surgeons, patients and surgical teams. Accuracy, control, tact and depth perception enable more accurate interventions.

Amidst the increased demand for certified room air cleaners with HEPA filters due to COVID-19, Rhenus in the UK offers a comprehensive service portfolio. We not only provide delivery to the place of use, but also offer services such as filter replacement, assembly, commissioning, instruction in device use, and maintenance, including equipment testing and filter replacements. With expertise in coordinating appointments with authorities and facility operators, as well as providing suitable transport vehicles, we ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers in schools, day care centers, offices, and gastronomic establishments.

Surgical microscopes play a crucial role in various medical fields, including dental microsurgery, ophthalmic, and neurosurgery, providing precise treatment for patients. In addition to optical magnification, digital visualisation is also utilised.

Transporting surgical microscopes with visualisation systems can be challenging due to their weight and fragility. Rhenus in collaboration with our specialised team, handles project coordination, transport, delivery to the final location, positioning, installation, and demo pool management for manufacturers of large optical microscopes and instruments.

We specialise in the distribution and delivery of laboratory equipment for medical and pharmaceutical applications, including autoclaves, diagnostic devices, workstations, refrigerators, freezers, scales, mixers, and meters. Our high-tech transport network ensures safe delivery to the laboratory, where our trained and experienced specialists handle unpacking, positioning, and handover to technicians or end customers. Trust us for all your laboratory equipment and furnishing needs.


Customer Testimonial

Quote: Alex Carleton Smith

'My sincere gratitude is extended to everyone who played a crucial role in the success of the recent installation. Our expectations were surpassed with the installation, and the integration of new projects is eagerly anticipated. The outstanding efforts of all involved are commended – thank you for the dedication and hard work.’

Alex Carleton Smith Imaging Project Manager of GE Healthcare
Warehouse logistics

your benefits with us

Greatest flexibility possible

  • Maximum flexibility on the last mile
  • Modular services that can be combined to meet the different needs of medical technology manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Own vehicle pool (special fleet), which is particularly suitable for transporting sensitive medical equipment

European high-tech network

  • European presence with own warehouse and technical centers
  • Strong network of TECDIS, one of the largest European networks of high-tech logistics specialists
  • Global operations with capacities of numerous other companies in the Rhenus Group at our disposal


  • Certified mechanics and electricians for international deployment
  • Experienced and trained technicians who know device specifics
  • Configuration of devices, software installations, repairs, maintenance, reprocessing and data deletion in our own technical centres

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