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The Rhenus Full Vehicle Logistics team provides personalised services for the movement of finished vehicles across the globe via air, sea and road. Every car is moved with special care and attention to detail to ensure that the vehicle arrives in the same condition that it is received.


Our vehicle movements range from working with some of the world's most luxurious car brands to individuals looking for temporary export and re-import for a holiday.

Our experienced team work tirelessly to match our services with the expectation of our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. Whether this is the secure, discreet transportation of a prototype or a high valued prestige supercar. We are able to provide support on customs, documentation requirements, dangerous goods and insurance services.

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Within the Full Vehicle Logistics (FVL) service, Rhenus provides specialised, secure and discrete transport solutions for their vehicles. With multiple transport options available, we're here to advise you on the right transport option depending on your needs.

Working with individuals, dealerships, manufactures and events, Rhenus provides a top-of-the-range service, focusing on quality to meet the high expectations of our FVL customers.


Customs and insurance options:
Because we complete customs in house, utilising our network of thousands of Rhenus customs experts, we can provide reliable and time-effective customs clearance for your vehicle. If you're looking to make use of our insurance options, we will provide you with an insurance certificate prior to pickup, so you can rest assured your vehicle is protected.



Utilising our own Rhenus network and trusted partners, we provide UK and European transport by road, offering a range of specialised vehicle transport options to suit you.


Time-sensitive, privacy-conscious transport options, delivered in enclosed transporters, maintaining a strict level of security and privacy.


Providing a dedicated, secure container, vehicles transported by sea have cost benefits while maintaining the high levels of security as with our other transport options.

VIP and Prototypes

For vehicles with particular security needs, the specially designed Rhenus privacy container allows for the secure transportation of prototypes and security-sensitive cars.

Road Transport Options For Your Vehicle

Rhenus arranges FVL collections and deliveries within the UK and across Europe, utilising a range of specialised vehicle transport options. We will advise you on the best transport option for your vehicle based on a number of factors, including timing, value and final delivery options.


Communication and security throughout:
Our job doesn't stop once we've picked up your vehicle; we provide vehicle condition reports (VCR) and photo proof at pickup and delivery, keeping you updated at all times. We believe communication is key, that's why we'll keep you updated throughout your vehicle's journey.

Dedicated Transporter

Shared Transporter


The ideal solution for time-sensitive shipments or those with specific privacy needs, vehicles are delivered to the airline in enclosed transporters, maintaining a strict level of security and privacy.

The vehicles are safely secured to aircraft pallets using approved methods to avoid damage during loading and transit. Rhenus will then organise the final mile delivery of the vehicle from the destination airport to the chosen delivery address.

Air Freight Transport

Air Freight Transport


Vehicles transported by sea are safely secured to the floor of the containers, ensuring maximum security and avoiding damage in transit. Rhenus makes use of silica gel packs as standard to reduce moisture inside the vehicle and container.

Transporting your vehicle by sea allows for better cost efficiencies when the delivery speed isn't a priority, while still maintaining the same level of security as other transport methods.

Specialised Automotive Pallet Loading

Using a specially designed automotive pallet, the vehicle is loaded onto the pallet and securely strapped outside the container. It is then loaded into the container using a forklift, meaning there's no need for anyone to enter the car.

Standard Container Loading

Vehicles are driven into the container by a driver in a full white suit, ensuring that the vehicle is kept in pristine condition, both inside and outside as the driver exits the vehicle once it's securely inside the container.


Utilising our Rhenus-owned specialised air freight container, vehicles are locked and sealed at the loading point, with access permittable for customs/airline inspection only. This container has been specially designed to allow secure transportation of prototypes and security-sensitive cars.


  • Variable wheelbase solutions for strapping the vehicle to the container

  • Direct delivery to airline with no trans-loading required, ensuring confidentiality in transit

  • Options for use as storage for vehicles and multiple trips

  • Crating options are also available – bespoke crating solutions for multi-use or single-purpose packaging

Rhenus air freight container

Our Rhenus-owned specialised air freight container, designed for transporting prototypes and security-sensitive cars.

Safe, Secure, Private Transportation

Using this specialised car transporter, cars are secured in the air freight container and locked until delivery at the final destination.

Tailored to your needs

With custom crating options available, we can create bespoke crating for multi-use or single purpose packaging.

Slash We continue to use Rhenus for all of our vehicle movements for their incredible attention to detail which provides us and our clients great peace of mind. They support us in delivering exceptional service to our end clients.
Art Katallozi | Bugatti Brand Ambassador - H.R. Owen PLC

Trust is at the core of what we do

When moving high value, or even priceless vehicles, it's crucial you use a transport company you can trust. That's why we and our trusted partners ensure your vehicle is moved with the highest quality of care, to almost any destination across the globe.

Documentation and customs support

In addition to providing secure transport for your vehicle, as vehicle shipping experts, we are here to support you with additional requirements such as customs, insurance and documentation requirements. We will talk you through various options, so you're happy you've got the right solution for your vehicle.

here to advise you

With what seems like a barrage of rules when moving your vehicle to countries in and out of the UK, EU or across the globe, we work with you to advise on the rules and regulations of each country.

For example, there are different rules for taking your vehicle on holiday to the South of France vs moving your vehicle to Monaco full time (for more than six months). We're here to advise you on what you need to provide, each and every time.

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