Full Technical Installation

The company only uses the best equipment and bespoke vehicles for delivery & installation. To further supplement that, our crew are trained specialists who go through rigorous training when joining. This is why we are able to install a variety of complex machines including MRIs into Hospitals.



As one of the UK’s finest logistics companies, you can rest assured that Rhenus in the UK has the capability to provide specialist installations solutions within its service portfolio. We have been providing customers technical delivery services across a number of sectors for over 35 years, covering sectors as varied as healthcare and IT & Data, to fitness and telecommunications.

Comprehensive Technical Installation Solutions

Our extensive experience across multiple markets has made us a leader in the UK technical installation solutions market. Our skilled and trained delivery installation specialists offer a wide range of on-site services beyond advanced installation and technical delivery. From cabling high-tech medical CT scanners to installing ticket vending machines (TVMS) at network rail and underground facilities, we provide comprehensive technical installation services. With our technical logistics expertise and project management capabilities, we can handle any technical requirement, regardless of the environment.

Technology installation services

Technology installation services including but not limited to:

  • Unpack and placement
  • Removal of old equipment
  • Full cable mechanical install
  • Pre-configuration performed in high tech facilities
  • Assembly or Install accessories
  • Cartridges or Pen alignment
  • CSR module replacement
  • Customer data configuration
  • Additional software installation
  • Levelling or testing
  • Power-ups


Technical Delivery Specialist

  • MRI / CT / X-ray / Radiotherapy (linacs)
  • Mobile x-ray or ultrasound
  • Low-voltage distribution network
  • Power equipment (switchgear, transformers and rectifiers)
  • UPS and batteries
  • Communication racks
  • Public information displays
  • Signalling equipment
  • Ticket vending and barriers
  • Other transactional equipment (ATM's)
  • Rack mounted servers
  • Large screens
  • Industrial imaging equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Copiers
  • Customer information systems (including help points, PA systems and CCTV)
  • Other station electrical services
  • Ticket vending machines and barriers
  • HVAC
  • Platform shelter lighting
  • SCADA installations


your benefits with us


  • Trained specialists with technical know-how
  • Own technical centers operated by professionals
  • Regular training on occupational safety, quality, and product handling
  • Goods transported, brought in, and installed with product suitability in mind
  • Reduces or eliminates need for customer technicians' support during installation


  • Power pushers and stair robot machines for advanced handling techniques
  • Fleet of specialist transportation vehicles, ranging from small vans to 40-foot trailers
  • Larger vehicles equipped with extended tail boards, air ride suspension, and load-lock devices
  • Bespoke specifications developed through years of customer service
  • Some vehicles have retractable roofs, eliminating the need for product dismantling prior to transportation.


  • Services ranging from individual solutions to white glove services
  • Customizable options for large-scale projects
  • Flexibility to choose only the services needed
  • Combination of standard products and value-added services
  • Tailored solutions to meet specific requirements
  • Efficient and cost-effective approach
  • Focus on meeting customer needs and providing added value

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