Final Mile Delivery & Positioning

We provide High Tech logistics solutions for industries such as HealthCare, IT & Data, Fitness, and Telecommunications, to name just a few. Our final mile delivery & positioning service ensures our customers that their product gets delivered safely to the point no matter the circumstance.



Our knowledge, acquired over the course of many years, combined with the experience of our trained employees, forms the basis for our success as one of the leading high-tech logistics specialists. To ensure that your products are distributed as carefully as possible, we use our special fleet, in which your equipment is particularly well protected at all times thanks to air suspension, padding and safety elements.


When you entrust the distribution of your goods to us, you can rely on a high level of quality in last-mile delivery.

As a leading high-tech logistics specialist in Europe, we have both the necessary network and the capacity to transport your products quickly and flexibly to the point of use. We are partner to both high-volume and focused customers from a wide range of industries including medical, fitness and banking.

Our quality promise includes:

  • Professional transport in our special fleet to the point of use
  • Protective equipment for use during delivery, e.g. drive-over and floor plates
  • Special equipment including stairway armour and risers, heavy-duty lifters and rollers as well as transport tools
  • Two-person handling for large equipment
  • Qualified and comprehensively trained employees
  • Unpacking, return of packaging and subsequent disposal
  • Return and, if necessary, disposal of old equipment
  • Positioning, placement and installation of the units
  • Value-added services such as pre-configuration, erasure of patient data and training of end users round off our service offering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Last mile delivery, also known as final mile delivery, refers to the process of safely transporting equipment or goods from a logistics company's loading bay or delivery points to the room of choice inside a building, providing specialised services such as unpacking, positioning, assembly, system setup, end-user training, waste removal, and compliance with regulations like WEEE. This unique service offering sets us apart from other logistics companies, providing invaluable technical know-how and a superior customer experience for businesses and end-customers alike.

Final mile delivery can be challenging due to a variety of reasons, some of them listed below.

  • Traffic congestion in urban areas can cause delays in final mile delivery.
  • Delivering large or bulky items requires specialized equipment and trained personnel.
  • Coordination and tracking of deliveries can be challenging due to fragmented delivery networks.
  • Delivery density, whether low or high, can impact the cost and efficiency of deliveries.
  • Meeting customer expectations for fast and reliable delivery can be difficult due to various challenges.
  • Final mile delivery is complex and requires expertise, specialised equipment, and attention to detail.

With our expertise, specialised equipment, and attention to detail, we have the capability to overcome these challenges and provide efficient and reliable final mile delivery services to our customers.

Last mile delivery can be expensive due to factors such as the high demand for convenience, increased labor costs, and the need for specialised delivery infrastructure, resulting in increased costs for logistics companies, but at our company, we strive to offer cost-effective last mile delivery solutions without compromising on quality or service.


Warehouse and Secure Logistics

We operate high tech warehouse facilities across the spine of the UK. Each location is positioned to allow Rhenus in the UK to reach and support your business with efficient and high-quality handling standards across each region.



your benefits with us


  • Wide range of services, from individual deliveries to complete packages

  • Expert advice based on industry know-how, decades of experience, and best practices

  • Focus on logistics solutions for unpackaged and sensitive technical products on the last mile



  • European presence with own warehouse and technical centers
  • Strong network of TECDIS, one of the largest European networks of high-tech logistics specialists
  • Global operations with capacities of numerous other companies in the Rhenus Group at our disposal


  • Specially equipped vehicles with air suspension, padded loading compartments, and hydraulic lifting platforms for gentle transport
  • Efficient loading and unloading process with options for opening canopies
  • Enhanced security measures with GPS in our fleet to protect goods against theft during transportation

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