What is White Glove Service?

The term “white glove service” describes services that go above and beyond what is expected from traditional logistics services. As a specialist logistics company, we are also able to offer white glove services to our customers via the European high-tech distribution network, TecDis.

Exceeding Delivery Expectations

Exceeding Delivery Expectations

We provide top-notch white glove delivery services that goes beyond the mere product delivery companies. It's about delivering on time, with the product in perfect condition, with a traditional white glove touch. We provide services such as assembly, installation, documentation, and pre-delivery check-ins. This is where the value of premium service and expert logistics comes into play to ensure a professional, safe, and efficient experience tailored to your specific needs.

Your Partner for White Glove Delivery Service in Europe

As a leading specialist logistics company in the UK, we extend our exceptional premium service to provide white glove service and personalized services to Europe through its partnership with TecDis, a network of high tech European logistics companies. TecDis offers quality white glove logistics solutions to support the supply chain demands of our customers. As the leading partner within TecDis, Rhenus in the UK delivers innovative last mile delivery and value-added logistics services on a Pan European level. Our Control Tower Team provides a single point of contact for customers, supported by our cutting-edge software, Control Key, which consolidates all supply chain requirements. Partner with Rhenus in the UK and TecDis for unparalleled premium and personalized white glove solutions in Europe. 


  • Businesses that require special handling and final mile delivery of their products.

  • Individuals who need delicate or valuable items transported with extra care.

  • Companies that deal with high value medical equipment or other technical products.

  • Customers who need professional setup and assembly of their items.

  • Those who require assistance with placement or disposal of packaging materials.

  • Anyone who demands the utmost care and attention to detail when receiving their goods.

Overall, this service provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for those who demand the utmost care and attention to detail when receiving their goods.


White Glove Delivery service offers several benefits to customers who require a higher level of care and attention to detail when delivering their goods. Here are some of the key benefits of White Glove Delivery:

  • Expert handling and care
  • Professional installation and assembly
  • Convenient and hassle-free
  • Time-saving
  • Enhanced security

TecDis values

TecDis specialises in precise planning, comprehensive European-wide transport capabilities, and exceeding customer requirements for handling high value and fragile equipment. Our services include pre-staging, managing large rollouts, system installations, customer handover, and training, all designed to meet your customer's specific needs.

Our UK-based EU control tower specialises in cross-border shipments of high value or fragile products, managing language, geographical, and cultural challenges across Europe with local language skills for smooth final mile deliveries.

Examples of our value-added services include:

  • White glove delivery, collection, and relocation of high tech equipment
  • Demonstration equipment management
  • Data centre relocation services
  • High value equipment deliveries
  • Desk-top printer swap out programs
  • Project management services
  • Medical installations/de-installations
  • Regional high tech storage facilities
  • High Tech mechanical and specialist installations
  • Urgent and same day two-man deliveries
  • Pan-European High Tech transport.



your benefits with us

Customised Solutions

  • Tailored solutions designed to meet individual customer demands
  • Close collaboration with customers to develop customised solutions
  • Specific requirements met for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • High level of customisation to ensure exact services needed
  • Customer-centric approach for meeting unique logistics requirements
  • Customised solutions to enhance overall logistics performance and customer experience.

Efficient Operations

  • Consistency in service levels across all countries of operation
  • End-to-end solution centrally managed by multilingual customer service and operational team
  • Control tower provides total control and visibility of logistics operations
  • Local contacts and expertise in each country for in-country service delivery
  • Local language and local knowledge for seamless logistics operations
  • Centralised invoicing, cost management, and reporting for customer convenience
  • Streamlined logistics processes for enhanced operational efficiency

Enhanced Visibility

  • Advanced tracking technology for superior visibility of European activities
  • Provides visibility of both vehicle tracking and consignment tracking
  • Control Tower and customers can access real-time information via Control Key
  • Enhanced visibility enables proactive management and mitigation of potential delays or issues
  • Allows for better coordination and communication among stakeholders
  • Provides real-time updates on device location, and estimated delivery times
  • Facilitates effective supply chain management and decision-making

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White Glove Delivery Service
White Glove Delivery Service

White Glove Delivery Service

Uncover the advantages of our White Glove Delivery Service, which offers premium handling, expert installation and assembly, and enhanced security measures. Discover more about the benefits that this service can provide for your business and streamline your delivery process today.

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