What is White Glove Service?

The term “white glove service” describes services that go above and beyond what is expected from traditional logistics services.


What is White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery services means taking special care to expertly handle high quality top-value equipment through every stage of the process, be it the receipt into our high tech facility, removal, transportation, and delivery/installation processes. Ideal for high quality top-value equipment such as demonstration equipment, and medical equipment, our white glove services will ensure that the products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


Who needs White Glove Delivery?

  • Businesses that require special handling and final mile delivery of their products.

  • Individuals who need delicate or valuable items transported with extra care.

  • Companies that deal with high value medical equipment or other technical products.

  • Customers who need professional setup and assembly of their items.

  • Those who require assistance with placement or disposal of packaging materials.

  • Anyone who demands the utmost care and attention to detail when receiving their goods.

Overall, this service provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for those who demand the utmost care and attention to detail when receiving their goods.


Benefits of White Glove Delivery Service?

White Glove Delivery service offers several benefits to customers who require a higher level of care and attention to detail when delivering their goods. Here are some of the key benefits of White Glove Delivery:

  • Expert handling and care
  • Professional installation and assembly
  • Convenient and hassle-free
  • Time-saving
  • Enhanced security

What does white glove delivery services Include?

Here are some of the things that White Glove Delivery services typically include:

  • Initial inspection and preparation
  • Loading and transportation
  • Unloading and placement

  • Removal of packaging materials

  • Final inspection

Discover the Benefits of Choosing Rhenus High Tech for Your White Glove Delivery Service

Customised Solutions

  • Tailored solutions designed to meet individual customer demands
  • Close collaboration with customers to develop customized solutions
  • Specific requirements met for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • High level of customisation to ensure exact services needed
  • Customer-centric approach for meeting unique logistics requirements
  • Customised solutions to enhance overall logistics performance and customer experience.

Efficient Operations

  • Consistency in service levels across all countries of operation
  • End-to-end solution centrally managed by multilingual customer service and operational team
  • Control tower provides total control and visibility of logistics operations
  • Local contacts and expertise in each country for in-country service delivery
  • Local language and local knowledge for seamless logistics operations
  • Centralised invoicing, cost management, and reporting for customer convenience
  • Streamlined logistics processes for enhanced operational efficiency

Enhanced Visibility

  • Advanced tracking technology for superior visibility of European activities
  • Provides visibility of both vehicle tracking and consignment tracking
  • Control Tower and customers can access real-time information via Control Key
  • Enhanced visibility enables proactive management and mitigation of potential delays or issues
  • Allows for better coordination and communication among stakeholders
  • Provides real-time updates on shipment status, location, and estimated delivery times
  • Facilitates effective supply chain management and decision-making