How Rhenus is helping fashion brands stay ‘on trend’ in a time of constant evolution

How Rhenus is helping fashion brands stay ‘on trend’ in a time of constant evolution

For over 30 years, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions UK has been providing fashion retailers with dependable logisitics solutions and helping them to thrive in a rapidly changing market.

Since the rise of e-commerce, the fashion industry has been growing at a faster rate than ever.


The ongoing ecommerce boom is a key moment for fashion brands to look to third-party logistics suppliers...

Global brands and high-street retailers are finding that consumer trends are shifting, with many shoppers moving away from visiting shopping centres to making online purchases from the comfort of their own homes, turning their bedrooms into changing rooms¹.

This boom in e-commerce and online shopping has resulted in brands having to deal with a higher rate of returned items, sometimes up to 40 per cent. In response, retailers Zara, Boohoo, Next, In The Style and Uniqlo have begun adding additional costs to returns, meaning UK customers can no longer send unwanted items back to the suppliers free of charge. 


Alongside having to cope with more returns than ever before, retailers are also more focused on sustainability. The drive to be eco-friendly and recycle fashion items, as opposed to bolstering the fast fashion industry, is growing more prominent.

Many consumers now specifically seek out brands that are conscious of their environmental impact, that are working to achieve carbon neutrality and, in the long term, become carbon positive.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions UK

In this constantly growing industry, adaptability is fundamental. As the fashion sector continues to evolve, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions UK is on-hand to provide retailers with efficient logistics solutions and control of the supply chain, as well as offer expertise and advice.

Rhenus has grown to become a reputable brand in the fashion industry and handles hundreds of millions of garments per annum. To celebrate its strong relationship with the industry and extend a helping hand to potential fashion clients, Rhenus UK is relaunching its successful ‘Always in Fashion’ campaign.  

‘Always in Fashion’ outlines how the logistics provider’s core values, such as service, value and a human-led approach, will always be ‘on trend’, and showcases its innovation in fashion logistics.  

Harry Wheelhouse, International Sector Manager at Rhenus, said: “Rhenus is performing exceptionally well globally, particularly for clients in the fashion sector. The UK has a very developed market in terms of fashion, which means there is great potential for clients to benefit from a wide range of third-party resources to enhance the consumer experience.

“Fashion is about legacy for us. We have been supporting those in the fashion sector for many years, which has resulted in us being able to offer a tailored service that caters to each retailer’s precise needs.”

Methods of purchasing fashion are always evolving, and Rhenus makes it a priority to keep on top of the ever-changing requirements of the industry, by offering bespoke services, speed, innovation and efficiency. Its long-term commitment to the fashion sector demonstrates that the logistics specialist understands its customers and is able to provide the necessary flexibility and expertise to meet consumers’ demands, especially during peak seasons.

Harry continues: “We have a team of highly experienced colleagues who are fully equipped to deal with strict requirements, with effective procedures in place to ensure quality is maintained and deadlines are met.

“The ongoing ecommerce boom is a key moment for fashion brands to look to third-party logistics suppliers and find a way to secure their place as the retailer of choice in a demanding, digital world.”  

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