Interview with Marcel Hartge –
Intern Customer Journey Management

Marcel is studying International Trade Management and Logistics and is working with us as an intern in Project Management and Customer Journey Management. In the interview, he tells us what is currently on his agenda and how working at Rhenus is expanding his know-how from his studies.

What are Marcel’s tasks during his internship?

My tasks revolve around the quality offensive, e.g. I help design and revise the shop floor board. I am also actively involved in analysing and improving the customer journey.

What have been the stations of the internship so far?

In addition to project management, I have already been able to visit the Rhenus Home Delivery branch in Düsseldorf and accompany delivery tours to customers. This gave me the opportunity to experience direct customer contact “live”. I also went to a trade fair with my colleagues from Customer Journey Management and was able to gain insight into the bigger picture.

Internship and studies: How does one supplement the other?

The internship practically completes the areas that my studies in “International Trade Management and Logistics” address theoretically. As a rule, study content cannot be applied 1-to-1 to practice – but my internship gives me a good understanding of how theory and practice are connected. I got an overview of the structure of the entire company and can deal intensively with the everyday challenges of logistics. The internship also brings me a lot of personal benefits, especially the work in the team is really fun.

What project is Marcel working on right now?

At the moment, I am mainly working on Customer Journey Management, i.e. on how Rhenus can best reach and convince its customers. In particular, it’s about shaping customer contact, e.g. by making contact and communication by email even more attractive.

What is Marcel already learning from his internship?

Rhenus gives me the opportunity to gain professional experience in different areas, to put my theoretical knowledge into practice and to get involved in current topics myself. Above all, the diverse areas of responsibility in logistics are essential for my studies and what I want to do later.