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Transport, off to the warehouse, done? No way, logistics can do so much more – and has so much more to offer. For example, plenty of opportunities to get started. You have the choice: move big things, program our digital future, immerse yourself in the commercial world of numbers.

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Your advantages and benefits

Depending on your apprenticeship and location, we have various benefits in store for you – from onboarding and trainee events to the provision of special workwear.


From the first on, you can count on the help and support of your apprenticeship supervisor.

Depending on your apprenticeship and location, you can expect exciting trainings and workshops.

We offer a secure basis for our talents, with great opportunities during and after apprenticeship.

With courage, commitment and ability, you have the best chances of being taken on by us.

Home Delivery & High Tech

Onboarding in the #RhenUS family!

The start of training at Rhenus High Tech, Rhenus Home Delivery and Rhenus SN Digital was celebrated extensively in Berlin and Hoppegarten. At the two-day onboarding event, the “young generation” met for the first time and dived deeper into our corporate world. The apprentices were also able to prove their team spirit directly – at a community scare in the “Berlin Dungeon”.
Office Systems

Apprentice workshops for even more skills

Continuous learning is a key factor in how we prepare our apprentices for the challenges they will face in their professional lives. Rhenus Office Systems offers regular training courses and workshops, e.g. to strengthen their own soft skills. In addition to well-founded specialist knowledge, new contacts and lots of fun are provided free of charge.
Road Freight

Apprentice event at the gateway to the world

Our apprentices from Rhenus Road Freight in Nuremberg went to Hamburg for three days. Here, the young Franconians were able to experience first-hand how their colleagues from Rhenus Air & Ocean work, e.g. in port logistics. Of course, our northern lights also had an exciting leisure programme in store for them.
Home Delivery & High Tech

Networking event abroad

Under the motto “together with passion”, our apprentices from Rhenus Home Delivery and Rhenus High Tech came together in Lichtenvoorde (Netherlands). Getting to know each other, exchanging ideas, networking: as a highlight, the young generation were able to cross-examine our management and go on a journey of discovery within the scope of excursions.

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