Side by side to the goal – Welcome to the team

TEAMWORK is very important in the Rhenus Group – because our family cohesion is the foundation for customer satisfaction. From location to location, from department to department: We learn from each other and grow together, naturally at eye level. We take on new challenges together, each one contributing their own wealth of experience. In this way, we are able to master even complex projects and are always one step ahead of the competition. Our network is extensive, but in the end all threads always come together.

Austausch von drei Mitarbeitern im Lager
Gespräch aus Lagerfachkraft mit Staplerfahrer in Schutzwesten
Warehousing solutions | Teamwork hand in hand

In good hands within the group

  • In warehouse logistics, our teams consistently ensure that things always run like clockwork: From goods receipt to delivery.
  • For seasonal requirements or new customer projects, our specialists help out wherever their support is needed.

Fach- und Führungskraft im Austausch vor Metawand
Automotive | Teamwork Ad-hoc | Project business

Each project has its own setup

  • Our project business in logistics can be very fast moving. That's why we can easily find the right specialists for every project..
  • In this way, competencies are bundled and ideas are created, interdisciplinary across all borders.

Zwei Nachwuchskräfte im Austausch über Inhalt auf einem Tablet
Robotics | Teamwork completely automatic

Because clever is simply better

  • The Rhenus Robotics team develops intelligent automation concepts - e.g. for contract preparation.
  • This allows our specialist departments to concentrate on their core activities and jointly drive forward our corporate development..

Fach-und Führungskraft wenden gemeinsam agile Projektmethode an
Corporate IT | Teamwork Agil | Always up to date

Develop together

  • Our IT is based on an open failure culture and transparent feedback - conflicts are discussed in the team and constructively resolved.
  • The exchange between client and developer is always trustful and goal-oriented.

Stefan Heikenfeld
Slash At Rhenus we can rely on each other, even when things don’t run smoothly. Then everyone works together and at the end of the day everyone can be satisfied – our customers and our colleagues.
Stefan Heikenfeld | Apprenticeship Leader Logistics Centre Dortmund at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions