Martin Sator

That’s how Martin came to Rhenus Air & Ocean

I had already heard about the strong growth of the Rhenus Group in Asia while I was working in Southeast Asia for an international logistics company. Back in Germany, former colleagues had drawn my attention to the opportunities at Rhenus Logistics in the “Freight” business unit. In April 2014, I took my chance and started working at Rhenus Air & Ocean in Hilden.

What was most important to Martin when he joined the company?

From the very beginning, it was important for me to contribute my experience in operational business development at home and abroad as well as in the establishment and development of the Healthcare business field in the global logistics environment. At the same time, I also wanted to grow in new tasks in an international environment and learn as much as possible.

What career steps has Martin already taken at Rhenus?

Before I was responsible for implementing new major customers, I first worked in international key account management. This experience still helps me today to think my way into sales processes, to develop customer-focused solutions and to also measure the success of my work in terms of customer satisfaction.

And what opportunities does he see in his job?

With the strong growth of the Rhenus Group, my area of responsibility and my working environment are very diverse and agile. I experience a corporate culture of great open-mindedness, there is always space for new ideas. With every new project, this gives me the opportunity to further develop existing processes and structures in a short way.

What exactly is Martin’s responsibility?

My responsibilities are probably most easily understood as project management, with each project corresponding to a new business or customer integration. I have to succeed in aligning the tasks of the stakeholders involved from different areas and hierarchies with the corresponding planning on an international level. It is also about developing clearly structured processes and understandable work instructions – together with customers, but also with our teams for the operational units.

What makes Martin’s job so special?

Due to the individual customer requirements and the intensive cooperation with international teams – from operational units to IT experts to sales and the customer itself – I find my job very diverse. New digital possibilities give me super support in terms of implementation. What is particularly exciting is the opportunity to dive deep into different processes and then switch back to a top-down perspective. This always offers the chance not only to better understand the connections and dependencies, but also to influence them positively and sustainably. In this way, I can contribute directly to the success and future shape of Rhenus.