Sustainable innovations in the Rhenus Group

We live progress because we always want to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit. But we also know that sustainable solutions are needed for the logistics of the future. That’s why “green thinking” is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. Our goal is clear: To continuously improve and thus save important resources. With innovations that benefit not only our customers, but also the environment and society. For the logistics of tomorrow.

Sustainability: We take responsibility

We set the best example

Our striving for ecologically responsible logistics is already taking effect in many areas. As a partner to the automotive industry, for example, we are focusing specifically on e-mobility and are passionately committed to research and development. This also applies to the energy consumption of our real estate – we are already working on sustainable emissions reduction when building new logistics centres. And we are also keeping an eye on the environment at the digital level: Rhenus Office Systems develops innovative solutions for intelligent paperless document management.

Because we understand the world as a whole

As an internationally networked company, we don’t just see logistics through our own eyes. We know that we bear responsibility – for our employees, for partners and customers, and for the environment and society. Sustainable ecological action and economic success do not have to be mutually exclusive: Our transport and supply chains are the best example of this. Projects to reduce our emissions are underway in numerous business areas of the Rhenus Group. We also consistently rely on alternative drive technologies and multimodal logistics solutions.

Award-winning: Actions speak louder than words

Because we take our social responsibility seriously, we have been undergoing an annual assessment by EcoVadis since 2015. The independent agency evaluates the corporate social responsibility of companies on the basis of international standards. Specifically, it looks at the factors of environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The rating platform has already awarded us silver status several times: This puts us among the most successful ten per cent in an industry comparison. More importantly, however, it encourages us to continue fighting for even greener logistics.

Innovations: Preferably two steps ahead

Because we are helping to shape nothing less than the logistics of the future, we are dedicated to the topic of innovation with energy and passion. In every business unit, our teams are working on advanced technologies and creative ideas for even greater efficiency and added value for our customers. Naturally, our operating units are also involved in these processes – together they create, test and implement precisely tailored solutions that take us even further forward as a logistics service provider.


Warehousing Solutions

Autostore: For efficient warehouse organisation

“Autostore” is the innovative goods-to-person solution that completely changes the structure of our warehouses. With it, goods are stored in special boxes that assemble like a Rubik’s cube, robots then take them to the picking station.

Zwei Mitarbeiter der Abteilung Innovation Hub vor zwei "Lieferrucksäcken"
Home Delivery

Delivery backpack: For effective delivery of goods

Outside the city, the delivery backpack is loaded with customer orders. Bundled with other backpacks, these are transported by truck outside rush hour to the city centre, picked up again later in a micro depot located close to the destination and brought to the customer.

EffiBOT – The chameleon of warehouse logistics