Air & Ocean Logistics Trainee Program

Our Air & Ocean program provides cross-national expertise in airfreight and ocean freight logistics – and is therefore aimed at an international audience.

Info about the program
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Facts about the Air & Ocean program

The program in short

Graduates from all over Europe – and beyond – go through four stations in 20-24 months. With each change of location come new experiences and responsibilities. During the obligatory stay abroad, you will be involved in multilayered projects and expand your network on an international level. In this way, you not only get to know our logistics via waterways and at lofty heights, but also experience the best possible preparation for responsible positions for a successful professional and management career.

Your advantages

Off-the-job training and workshops will prepare you for any new challenge.

Our onboarding brings you right into the middle of our collegial community - mentoring included.

You'll receive valuable input from management as well as from other graduates, that gets you further

Our flat hierarchies create an working environment of trust.

And furthermore

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Contribute ideas

Your own initiative is in demand right from the start: You can initiate projects independently and lead them to a successful conclusion.

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A broad range of tasks allows you to take on responsibility right from the start.

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In addition to air and sea freight, we will of course also introduce you to other areas, such as our sales, our sales, procurement, IT and other topics.

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International station

During your time abroad, you will constantly gather new contacts that will complement and enrich your international network.

These could be your trainee stations

Location: Germany-wide

Project 1: Operations of Air & Ocean Freight

  • Getting to know customer structures and operative cooperation on customer shipments.
  • Writing and processing of transport orders.
  • Getting to know carriers and the associated processes and carrying out process optimisations.
  • Handling of customs issues and use of transport and logistics software.

Location: Germany-wide

Project 2: Sales Organisation

  • Support of sales staff in day-to-day business.
  • Collaboration in cold calling, writing quotations and preparing customer appointments.
  • Insights into the cooperation between internal and external sales forces.
  • Getting to know route planning and the CRM system.

Location: International

Project 3: Project abroad

  • Collaboration with international colleagues on a joint project.
  • For example, the development of a new ocean freight product, a system implementation or a project in the business development area of Air & Ocean.
  • Determination of individual learning objectives - depending on the project.

Location: International

Project 4: Individual preperation for target position

  • Individually selected specialist area to prepare for the subsequent target position.
  • Conceivable areas are product, sales, tender management, controlling, sustainability and much more.

Douw Smit
Slash In the trainee program, I can introduce my own suggestions and ideas on a daily basis. In this way, I make my own small contribution to more progress and innovation in the company.
Douw Smit | Former Management Trainee | Rhenus Air & Ocean

After the program is before the new career goal

The perfect connection is worth its weight in gold in logistics – this also applies, of course, to your subsequent options after the trainee program. After all, many exciting specialist and executive positions in the Rhenus Group are waiting for strong personalities like you.

Whether in Germany or at our international locations – you can put your newly acquired knowledge and skills to good use in project management or as a management assistant, among other things. Product management and sales would also be possible fields of application for your expertise in airfreight and sea freight.

For example, how about helping us implement a new system, from conception to roll-out? Gap and data analyses as well as the training of key users and end users may be on the agenda. Are you interested in establishing and expanding international customer relationships? Here, too, we would like to rely on your support.

No suitable trainee program?
Then it might be with the "Step-forward!" programs

No suitable trainee program?

Our "Step forward!" trainee programs are suitable for all those who would like to actively participate in different projects. No matter which specialized division you choose - Logistics, Sales, Finance & Controlling or HR - you will get to know the entire Rhenus Group.