Monika Torsino

How did Monika get to Rhenus?

A friend drew my attention to Rhenus; she had read a job advertisement in which they were looking for new committed employees at the Hilden site – with a focus on international transport.

Why was this job at Rhenus the one for Monika?

You often get a first impression of the company environment at the job interview. My first impression was super positive. The interview was very friendly and I already got to know many of my current colleagues, some of whom I still work closely with today. So it was definitely the right decision for me to start working for the Rhenus Group.

And how did the onboarding process go?

Very uncomplicated. After a 6-month induction, I was entrusted with my area of work and was able to start working on my own responsibility. The team was very welcoming and I felt like part of a big family after only a short time.

What opportunities has Monika already discovered in her job?

Rhenus offers, among other things, opportunities to change within the group. If you want to try something new and aim for a different working area, you can always talk about it openly. I think it’s good that the employees’ wishes to change are taken seriously – I’ve experienced that differently before in my professional life.

What career steps has Monika taken so far?

Originally, I was employed in the Accounting department, but after a very short time I was allowed to take on tasks in the Dispatching department. In addition, I was given the team leadership in the central recording area, which was my responsibility for 8 years.

What about next steps or positions?

Currently, I work as a Dispatcher in the “Groupage Freight” department. This change came about by chance 3 years ago, due to a vacancy in this field of work. Since I see myself as more “international”, the idea of working in the national area was a challenge for me at first. At that time, I would not have thought that I would enjoy it in the long term. But today I know: every day brings new challenges and it never gets boring. I love it when things are a bit more lively, which is fortunately the case in the Dispatching department – the heart of the freight forwarding company. My colleagues are just great and I hope that we can continue to advance Groupage Freight for a few more years.