Pupil internship

Into our world, out with strong impressions. You'll experience first-hand what we're all about in logistics and beyond; your wealth of experience grows with each passing day.


What we offer

Voluntary internship during the ­holidays

  • Experience often says more than a thousand words – that’s why you’re welcome to try out a wide variety of work areas with us: logistics, IT, commercial professions.
  • How long you support us depends on the location.
  • In any case, you can try things out, make plans for the future and ask your experienced colleagues lots of questions.

Hafenmitarbeiter in Schutzkleidung bei der Beladung eines Krans

Internship for career orientation

  • Would you like to immerse yourself in our world as part of the career orientation at your secondary school? Then it’s best to take the plunge right away.
  • We are happy to help you gain new insights and make the right decision for your future education.
  • The decisive advantage for well-thought-out career planning.

Vier Mitarbeiter der Disposition im Austausch im Lager
1x experience to go please

Pupil internship in logistics

We offer you an exciting look behind the scenes of a logistics company and experience first-hand what we move. Your wealth of experience grows with each passing day. Whether it's a school internship or a voluntary assignment during the vacations:here you'll find the best orientation for your future.
Good to know
Here’s how to get an internship

Good to know

Simply send us your application via our online form or directly to the location – it should include a cover letter and CV as well as your most recent school report. Also very important: for what period of time, at which location and in which field you would like to join us.