Tobias Meisen

What brought Tobias to the Rhenus Group?

In my previous professional career, I’d already had a few points of contact with Rhenus – I got to know the company as a reliable transport service provider and trustful partner. This experience and the fact that the Rhenus Group is so well known convinced me to apply here.


What projects is Tobias working on at the moment?

From our “Processes and Development” team, I am responsible for the further development of the MDE scanner technology and the associated processes. MDE stands for “mobile devices”. We use the mobile devices or handheld devices in our handling halls and for the drivers to digitally process shipments or packages. In this way, we reduce the flow of paper and digitalise our processes. In the delivery and collection process, the driver processes the shipments by setting a certain status. This can be, for example, a note that a delivery has been made. The customer confirms the delivery with their signature on the device. In this way, we receive the information in real time as to whether a delivery or collection has taken place. My job is to optimise and further develop exactly these processes. In addition, I work on various other projects, e.g. tracking solutions for our trucks or improving our local transport in the Freight branches.


How was the entry for Tobias and how does he experience us as an employer today?

After an open, detailed job interview in which I was introduced to the company and my opportunities and perspectives, I was immediately convinced by Rhenus. The honest manner and the company values that were communicated to me during the interview are something that I find reflected in my day-to-day work today. For example, transparent communication is practiced here and you can feel the trust in your own abilities. After my first year, I can definitely say that my expectations were fully met and that I really enjoy working in a company that allows me to develop ideas, take on responsibility and grow personally.