Interview with Dennis Bremke
Operational Manager Incoming Goods

Dennis Bremke is the Operational Manager Incoming Goods at the Rhenus Group in the Warehousing Solutions business unit. Dennis tells us in this interview how he found his way to Rhenus and what opportunities he was able to take advantage of.

Dennis Bremske

How did Dennis come to the Rhenus Group?

I started my career at Rhenus as a temporary worker in the Incoming Goods department. I quickly found my way from the beginning, felt comfortable and realised that I really enjoyed my job. After only five months, I was asked if I could imagine becoming a permanent employee – so of course I said yes straight away. In 2011, I signed my contract and have been part of the team since then. In 2016, I took over the operational management of the Incoming Goods department of Contract Logistics.

What are the daily tasks as the Operational Manager for Incoming Goods?

My job is multifaceted. On the one hand, I am responsible for assigning the different tasks to the employees in my team. On the other hand, I am responsible for creating the shift schedules and training new employees. As the Head of the Incoming Goods department, I make sure that we store the goods professionally and as agreed with the customer, and that we can also make them available to the customer at any time. This requires detailed planning for accurate and reliable storage. Depending on the workload, we may need temporary support from colleagues in other departments. This support is always appreciated by our employees, as it gives them the chance to get to know the work of other departments. In return, we are also happy to help out there during peak periods.

What makes working in this department so special?

The special thing about my job is that I am responsible for one of our main projects and take care of Siemens’ goods. We have a huge range of products – from small parts to products weighing up to seven tonnes, everything is represented. Accordingly, the demands on us as logistics specialists are as varied as they can be. Since the products come to us from two different factories, we also have two different technical systems to work with. This makes the work more complex on the one hand, but also more exciting on the other. Another big part of my work, besides incoming goods, is the so-called clarification cases. These are products that we store for the first time, for example, and for which we have to determine the storage conditions anew. For this, I work with some colleagues, but also directly with the customer.

And exactly what is it that makes working for the Rhenus Group so special?

I particularly enjoy the fact that the work is very multifaceted. You can learn something new every day. This means there is no chance of falling into a routine, which I personally like. Every day is different and therefore hardly plannable, so there is never a chance of boredom. I really appreciate the working atmosphere and the teamwork with my colleagues, but also with my managers, which makes the daily work more pleasant and easier. Rhenus offers its employees a lot of opportunities, and they place a lot of emphasis on further training. For me personally, for example, there was a lot of help to grow into my leadership role. But also training in the areas of work safety and dangerous goods is very popular. Thanks to the seminars and workshops, you can always get to know colleagues from other areas and locations and exchange information about different projects and requirements. I find that exciting and helpful because you build up your own Rhenus network. The fact that I got a permanent and unlimited employment contract out of temporary work was also decisive for me. Simply to have a secure job.